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Arrow cast


Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss

It seems, once again, that you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place

Fic:The Decline and Fall of the Kane Empire
Arrow cast

Fic: The Decline and Fall of the Kane Empire

Author: isdon_isgood9

Characters/Pairing: Logan, Weevil, Duncan, Madison and Cassidy

Rating: R (Mild sexual references)

Summary: Five people who didn’t kill Lilly Kane... But could have.

Disclaimer: I, sadly, do not own Veronica Mars. I don’t really own a lot anything

Authors note: This is written for round ten’s by the numbers challenge at vmfic_gameon. The marvellous annie_oakly left the prompt of five people who didn’t kill Lilly Kane but could have and well this kind of came running out. Now I’ve got to say that this is a little darker than what I usually write, and it kind of creeps me out that I could write something like this but I did. Thanks to the wonderful, kind, brilliant metchick01 who beta’d this for me, words don’t express how grateful I am when some beta’s a piece of my writing and doesn’t send it back saying that there is no hope for it, cause I suck.

Anyway, enough rambling, Enjoy!



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