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Arrow cast


Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss

It seems, once again, that you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place

[sticky post]Friend Locked :D
Glee/VM crossover pop star Veronica 2

Banner is made by sanya4

You can comment if you wish to be added but I'd like to know why :D. Just so it's clear all my fan fiction and fandom related things have been left unlocked and I won't friend you if you've only asked for that reason. I've always believed that it's called 'friending' for a reason and I only friend people that I've talked too about various things which can include fandom related love. If your just adding me cause you like my fanfiction and you've never commented, therefore I've never talked to you, I won't add you back. I'll just be confused.

So it's very clear I don't add people so that it looks like I have millions of 'friends'. I won't be used to add numbers to your friend count. I add people that I talk to and that I think I would like to share real life things with. Sorry if this annoys you but in my opinion it's called friending for a reason.