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F: Start Over (2/?), PG, Chloe/Oliver.

Fic: Start Over (2/?)

Rating: PG (may be subject to change)

Summary: What if Oliver had been a supporter of Senator Kent from the very beginning of his campaign?

Character/Pairing: Oliver/Chloe, Clark, Lois, Martha, Jonathon.

Spoilers: Take place during 5.11. Some parts have been changed to make this work.

A/N Part 2, by popular demand. This hasn’t been beta’d again and if anyone would like to beta this for me I’d be very grateful.

Other than that, Enjoy! And feel free to comment!

Chapter 1



Nodded at the numbers on the sheet in front of him Oliver was impressed. If he hadn’t known that this was her first time being campaign manager he would have thought she was a pro. Handing the sheet back he smiled warmly and said, “If you’re ever in need of another job there’s always one open for you on my PR staff.”

Lois raised an eyebrow, “Really? That could cause a sexual harassment suit you know.”

Oliver sighed. He had hoped that she would take his subtle hints and stop with the flirting but she just wouldn’t budge. Deciding it was probably time to take a direct approach with her he sighed again and said, “I doubt that Miss Lane, considering I’d have to want to make a move for there to be any form of claim to start with.”

Lois sat back in her chair, “Really? You don’t feel that attraction between us?”

Oliver chuckled, “Trust me, any attraction between us is one sided.”

“But at dinner all you did was talk to me and Mr Kent.”

“Yeah, about the campaign, I happened to have a lovely conversation with your cousin about jobs and a great a conversation with Clark about football but we only talked about the campaign.”

“Oh, I didn’t realise.”

“It’s a good quality to have, being focused on work, but having that sole drive that you seem to have isn’t something that I’d want in a woman.”

“So you want a bimbo, blond Barbie sitting at home waiting on your ever need.”

“No I don’t mind having a working woman but that woman has to know when to let it go,” Oliver sighed, “And even if I didn’t want that I still don’t feel any form of attraction for you. I’m sorry.”

“Its fine, I was probably grasping at straws anyway,” Lois sighed, “That woman you’re looking for though, I know one like her that will be at the Talon tomorrow afternoon. If you want to make a trip to Smallville I’ll be happy to introduce the pair of you.”

Oliver smiled, “Well now I’m more than intrigued.”


“Well this isn’t about numbers or demographics or projections. It’s about giving everybody the chance to live a life with dignity, whether they have a dollar in the bank or a million... Yeah that’s why I got involved in the senate race in the first place, and that’s why I intend to win... Yeah, regardless of my opponent’s check book. I don’t care how big it is... Yeah I realise that Mr Queen is helping my campaign. He obviously believes in what I wish to do... Listen, if you need any more comments, feel free to call my campaign manager, Lois Lane. She’ll talk to you. Alright? Thanks.” Jonathon said hanging up his phone and passing it to Lois.

Taking the phone Lois smiled, “You’re getting very smooth with the interviews, Mr Kent.”

Jonathon chuckled, “Oliver’s been giving me tips, although now I feel as if I’ve had so much practise at it that those tips are just part of everything I say.”

Lois laughed, “Well if Mr Queen is anything, it’s charming, be glad some of that charm rubbed off.”

“I have a feeling you have some firsthand experience in that matter?”

“Well I may have tried some of my moves on Mr Queen, only to be rejected.” Lois replied with a said nod of the head, “It’s doesn’t matter anyway, we’re on the home stretch now, senator.”

“I’m not senator yet,” Jonathon chuckled, “Don’t jinx it on me now.” Sitting down on the edge of the tractor he pulled out a wrench and a screwdriver from his tool box, placing the screwdriver into Lois’s hand, using the wrench to start pulling apart the pieces.

“Well we will win when I’m done. So this is what we’re going to do. Print ads in all the papers, radio spots across the dial, litter billboard with your mug on the interstate just like it was road kill and the nail that’s going to close that bald-headed wannabe’s coffin is the heartland message, on every television station across Kansas from now until election day.”

“It sounds like somebody needs a raise.”

Lois chuckles, “Technically you have to start paying me first.”

“Lois, this is all really, really fantastic but just how much is Oliver Queen dropping to make this happen?”

“Does it really matter Mr Kent. Just let me deal in the details, ok? You shake hands, kiss babies all that stuff wannabe senator’s do to ensure that they win. Now let’s talk about your schedule from now til election day, cause you are going to be one busy guy.”

Jonathon nodded his head a little disbelieving at her quick brush over at his question, “Yeah, let’s do that.”


Oliver spent his morning pouring through Queen Industry’s business. He liked the idea of making this building the new head office but he didn’t think that his shareholders would believe that it was a completely rational decision. There were good reasons for the head quarters being in Star City but Metropolis was growing on him and with its increasing crime rate it made more sense for the Green Arrow to be in Metropolis, where there was no hero, than Star City, where Batman was an hour away if the crime rate started to get to out of control again and the Green Lantern made regular fly bys through the city. Besides it’s not like his jet couldn’t bring him back if need be, for business or otherwise, so for the moment he was more than happy to be where he was.

Hearing the phone ring he was pulled from his thoughts so that he could answer, “Queen.”

“Mr Queen, its Jonathon Kent.”

“Mr Kent, how can I help you this fine morning?”

“Well I have a quick question for you.”

“Anything for the future Kansas Senator,” Oliver replied with a small chuckle.

“Well I want to know how much you’re spending on this wannabe senator.”

“Well I met with Lois last night and she seems to think that I’m not giving enough.”

“Ad campaigns, billboard, TV ads, I thank you for what you’re doing but I think you’re giving me too much,” Jonathon sighed.

“Mr Kent money isn’t a problem for me but if you have problem with how much I’m spending maybe you should talk to Lois.”

“I think I might just do that.”


Jonathon entered the apartment above the Talon looking for answers to the questions that just kept forming in his mind. Pausing in the doorway he stopped to listen to Lois speak, praying that it wasn’t as bad as what he assumed.

“Come on, Bob. You can do better than this. Okay, I know its 30 seconds smack in the middle of prime time. That’s why it’s called ‘prime’. Drop ten grand off the price and I will get you a personal invitation to Senator Kent’s election party and I’ll even save you a dance... Thank Bob.” Lois said hanging up the phone and doing a little happy dance.

Raising his hand Jonathon knocked on the door before sighing and saying, “Wow. Prime time. That must have cost a bit, huh?”

Turning quickly Lois grimaced before replying with a small shrug, “Eh, feminine wiles. Bob’s got a crush on me, well parts of me, and since no one else seems to want those parts at the moment, why not use them to my advantage. Besides he let me have it for next to nothing.

Turning to everyone else in the room he said, “Listen, I hope all you nice people would mind giving Miss Lane and I a few minutes alone. Why don’t you get yourselves a cup of coffee? Thank you.”

Lois grinned as the staff left quickly, “Wow, Miss Lane. I’m feeling al professional.”

“You’ve real grown into your role well here, Lois, like the way you managed to get all this last minute publicity. That’s very impressive.”

Lois’s smile widened, “Thanks boss.”

“It also must be very expensive.”

“I told you it doesn’t matter, I’ve got it covered.”

“See that’s my problem. I’ve been crunching the number and nothing seems to be adding up. We’re spending more than what Oliver’s giving us. A lot more.”

“Well, I called in a few favours.”

“Lois I appreciate everything that you’re doing, I really do, but you’ve got to stop sidestepping my question. Where is the money coming from?”

“Oliver Queen,” Lois whispered, “I didn’t have a choice. We’d run out of money and Oliver was more than willing to help. Without this extra money we would have folded weeks ago. It was the right thing to do, even if you don’t see that right now. We actually have a chance to win this thing now.”

“What’s the point when we have to lie and steal to get there?”

“It’s not like that. Oliver doesn’t want anything but for you to win and implement your promises. You know that Mr Kent. You’re just dumping him in the same boat as Lex and Lionel because he’s a billionaire too.”

“I’m sure that that’s true but you don’t know billionaire’s like I do. They usually don’t hand over money for nothing and now I’m in his debt.” Jonathon said before walking away, leaving a confused Lois alone.


Pushing open the door Oliver couldn’t help but feel excited about whomever it was Lois had for him to meet. Not because he particularly liked being set up on blind dates or because he wanted to date at all but because Chloe, the blond he’d met the other night, was currently sitting at a table alone, sipping coffee and reading the paper. Heading over to her, whilst running his hands through his hair, he smiled, feeling a little too excited for his liking.

Leaning down he whispered in her ear, “Anything interesting in there?”

Chloe smirked, “Not that I’ve found so far but then again if anyone thinks that crime is a good thing then they should be shot.”

“Well there has to be something interesting in the business section.”

Chloe laughed, “I wouldn’t know, I rarely read it.”

“Well that’s a shame, considering it generally features me.”

“Now why would I need to look into a news paper to see your face when you’re doing fine just refreshing my memory.”

Before he could respond Lois bound over to them, “Great! Now I don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to get you two to chat.” Grabbing Oliver’s arm she dragged him to the seat, “Now play nice and get to know each other, I’ll get someone to bring you over coffee.”

Watching a Lois walked away Oliver shook his head, “When she said she was going to set me up with someone I didn’t think that it’d be you.”

Chloe laughed, “She didn’t even let me in on the set up part, just told me to be here.”

“Ah well I’m not sure if I should feel grateful or not.”

“You probably should, had she said it’d be a set up I wouldn’t have come.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to change your mind about set ups.”

“I guess I can let you try,” Chloe replied with a small smile on her face, taking the cup of coffee from the waitress.


“No way, how can you even think that?” Chloe said, shocked.

“Because it’s the truth, Crash Bandicoot is not better than Need for Speed. I’m sorry it’s just not possible.”

“Well as long as you agree Halo is best game around, we’ll be good.”

Oliver laughed, he’d been sitting in the Talon for several hours now, talking to Chloe and he still couldn’t believe the fun he’d been having. She was amazing, in all senses of the word. She was quick witted, gorgeous, caring, kind, and smart he couldn’t believe that so many great traits were stored in one woman.

“Yes I will agree,” Oliver nodded, “But only cause I really enjoy blowing aliens to pieces.”

Chuckling Chloe said, “I can’t believe I have so much in common with someone so much older than me.”

“I think I’m hurt. I can’t be that much older than you,” Oliver declared.

“Well I’m nineteen and you’re twenty five. That’s six years between us, if you can’t do the math.”

“Well this is awkward. I didn’t realise you were so young.”

“Hey! I’m not the grandpa around here,” Chloe protested.

“I don’t appreciate being called grandpa. I prefer mature adult,” Oliver replied, “Though the important question is whether or not this means that I can’t get your number.”

“I’ll think about it,” Chloe replied as she stood and took her coat, “Later, mature adult.”

Oliver chuckled, “Later kid.”


“A good neighbour, a man who knows the value of an honest day’s work and the responsibility of family, Jonathon Kent; putting the heart back in the heartland.” The male voice over said as the ad ran on the television in the Kent’s lounge room. Surrounding it was Lois, Martha, Jonathon and Oliver, all a bit proud but very aware of the discomfort that hung in the room.

Sighing Lois asked, “What’d you think?”

“Honestly, I think the flag may have been a bit too much.” Jonathan replied with a sigh of his own.

“Well nothing says ‘America’ like the stars and striped,” Oliver joked trying to break some of the tension.

“Expect maybe the name Jonathon Kent,” Lois continued, trying to play the joke out fully causing both the Kent’s to chuckle, “Look I’m sorry I took Oliver’s further contribution without asking you first.”

“Lois,” Oliver said with a sigh.

“It was wrong and I shouldn’t have done it,” Lois continued as if Oliver hadn’t spoken.

“Lois,” Jonathan sighed, “I understand you’re needed to do this. I just wish that you’d have come to me first.”

“That’s it,” Lois said, raising an eyebrow.

“No, I’ve agreed to let Mr Kent pay me back the additional funds when he can,” Oliver informed her with a small sigh, “Though I still don’t want anything from him other than for him to fulfil his promises.”

“But the decision was mine to use it and I asked for it,” Lois said.

“Wait, you asked for it?” Jonathon replied startled.

Oliver sighed again, “I told him I offered the money willingly but you just had to keep going, didn’t you?”

“Lois it doesn’t matter anymore, I’m still going to pay Oliver back every cent that he has given us, just so that I feel better about it. Next time though, I expect you to come to me when we’re in financial trouble and I get final say on all money issues from now on, understood?”

“Yes sir,” Lois said a smile covering her face.

Oliver stood, “Now this is settled I’m going to head home.”

“You sure you don’t want to stay for dinner,” Martha said.

“I’d love nothing more than to stay for dinner but I really do need to get back to Metropolis. I have a really late business meeting with associates in Japan,” Oliver replied, “Next time for sure.”

“Well it was a pleasure to have you around again,” Martha said, “You’ll have to start coming to weekly dinners with Chloe. Sunday, understood?”

“Clearly ma’am, I’ll see all of you then.”


Oliver stood, waiting, on the roof top of one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis, decked out in his green leather outfit. He couldn’t help but feel alive. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins. It was incredible. He never felt more alive than what he did when he was saving those who were less fortunate then himself. It was one of the many ways he liked to give back. It made him feel good knowing that he was helping, that he was doing all that he could to help. How anyone could not want to do this was beyond him yet he knew that it was true otherwise someone would already be doing something about the issues in this town.

Tilting his head to the side he listened as he heard the screams of a woman coming from his left. Moving quickly he shot off his cable arrow and went swinging across to a building about two hundred and fifty feet away. Moving quickly he glanced down into the alleyway to see two men pressing a woman into the wall as a third ransacked her stuff. Quickly he shot three arrows in succession before swinging down from where he was to ensure that the woman was alright as the three offenders ran in the opposite direction.

“Are you alright ma’am?” He asked his voice distorted by one of the coolest pieces of technology that he owned, in his own opinion.

Breathing deeply the woman nodded her head quickly as she tried to gain her bearings, “Yes, thank you. Thank you so much. How can I repay you?”

“Just allowing me to walk you home is payment enough,” Oliver replied with a smug grin and offering his arm to damsel he’d just saved. Taking it gratefully he began walking towards her apartment, feeling great about what he was constantly doing for the greater good.


Chapter 3

A/N In case it isn't clear Oliver gave a donation once then Lois asked if he'd be willing to give more, which he was.
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