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Fic Tables...

So I've recently decided that I wanted to sign up to do some fic tables and after lots and lots of researchI finally settled on two that I wanted to do : D

This first table is from 12_stories nd I'm going to write it to two pairings, Chloe/Oliver and Veronica/Logan so that will mean that I'll be writing 6 stories for each, and this will hopeful kick start my VM muse again and I'll be able to finish Gangsters Paradise : D

01.The Middle Ages.02.Ancient Egypt.03.Victorian England.04.War Time Europe.
05.Pompeii before the
eruption of Vesuvius.
06.The Crusades.07.King Arthur's Court.08.Ancient Greece.
09.Elizabethan England.10.The Renaissance.11.Viking Age.12.The American Civil War.

EDIT: I have dropped the above table simply because I haven't written anything in 2 years :D

This second table is from svpromptstables nd it will mean that I'll be also writing 50 Smallville fanfics with Chloe/Oliver as my pairing choice (obviously : D)

01.Ace of Clubs.02.Beanery.03.Belle Reve.04.Crater Lake.05Fordman's Department Store.
06.Fortress of Solitude.07.Gotham City.08.Hub City.09.Isis Foundation.10.Kandor.
11.Kent Farm.12.Keystone City.13.Luthor Mansion.14.Metropolis.15Queen Tower.
16.Smallville.17.Star City.18.Talon.19.Themyscira.20.Watchtower.
21.Main Street.22.Smallville High.23.Met U.24.LuthorCorp.25.Coast City.
26.Melville's Nursery.27.Kawatche Caves.28.Excelsior Academy.29.Evan's Field.30.Luthor Mansion.
31.Suicide Slums.32.Black Creek.33.Chandler's Field.34.Smallville Dam.35.Smallville Medical Center.
36.Daily Planet.37.KZXP.38.Metro Coffee Shop.39.Edge City.40.Smallville Cemetery.
41.Krypton.42.Kandor.43.Phantom Zone.44.Mars.45.Almerac.
46.McDougal Inn47.Writer's Choice.48.Writer's Choice.49.Writer's Choice.50.Writer's Choice.

Tags: fictable, pairing: chloe/oliver, pairing: logan/veronica, smallville, smallville: fanfiction, veronica mars, veronica mars: fan fiction

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