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Fic: Siren's Call, Chloe/Oliver, PG

Fic: Siren’s Call.
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG 13+
Character/Pairing: Chloe/Oliver, Dinah, Lois.
Fictable prompt: #15 Queen Tower
Summary: What if Chloe had been there when Lois showed up in Siren?
Spoilers: 7.11 Siren.
Word Count: 1,896
A/N: So this has been wondering around my head for a while and I figure I should finally write it. So I hope you like it, it’s not beta’d.
Enjoy! And please leave a comment, or constructive criticism, I’m open to both.
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Stepping off the elevator Chloe sighed. She’d been working hard all day and had barely gotten any sleep between her and Oliver had been trying to figure out where the blond bird had come from. Then she had to go to work and pretend like Lex didn’t get on her nerves. Turning to find Oliver she groaned when he walked into the room shirtless.
“Do you get paid to walk around shirtless?” Chloe said.
“No but it does wonders for my ego,” Oliver replied with a chuckle. Moving to greet her he gave her a quick hug before ushering further into the penthouse. “So what can I do for you?”
“I have the research you requested I bring by ASAP,” Chloe said confused as to why he didn’t remember that. Looking around she spotted the reason why, “You do realise that I told her not to come, right.”
Oliver’s eyebrows rose up his face, “Why would you do that?”
“Cause you said you weren’t coming back for her. So when she was ranting to me in the elevator I told her to ignore you.”
“Seriously,” he said, “You didn’t know I was bluffing, you who seems to be able to tell everything about me.”
“Oh, I knew,” Chloe replied with a grin, “I just wanted to see how long it would take until you realise it yourself.”
“This morning when I woke up, alone, again.”
Nodding Chloe smiled, “Ok then. Here’s the information you wanted, though don’t think you’ll be looking at it tonight.”
“That’s the hope,” Oliver replied with a smile, “Now let me show you out.”
“So the door doesn’t hit me?”
Laughing Chloe nodded, heading for the elevator. Turning to say goodbye she was shocked when the elevator came to life.
“I didn’t think she’d show up so quickly,” Chloe commented.
“Well neither did I,” Oliver replied.
Watching as Lois stormed off the elevator and slapped Oliver straight across the cheek Chloe couldn’t help but laugh. Giving a small wave at a confused Lois she said, “Well I was just leaving.”
“Why? Why are you even here?” Lois asked.
“I needed her help. I was thinking of buying the Star City Gazette and I wanted her opinion on whether I should or shouldn’t.”
“And I gave my opinion and so I’m going.” Chloe said, turning to escape through the elevator.
“So what did you tell him?” Lois asked, moving to stop Chloe.
“That it would be sound investment,” Chloe replied with a grin, “Of course I’m a little bias.”
“So why didn’t you ask me, Oliver?” Lois asked, turning back around.
“’Cause I’ve been in the journalism business longer,” Chloe jumped in, trying to make their lie convincing.
“And the candlelight dinner is just for kicks,” Lois demanded, pointing to the dinner setting that Chloe had noticed earlier.
“The dinner’s for you,” Oliver said, “I thought Chloe would be gone by now.”
“And what, the fishnet wearing, leather clad blond on the balcony is for the threesome I’m obviously going to agree to.”
Oliver and Chloe turned sharply, wondering what she was talking about. Seeing the woman from last night their eyes met each others as the blond on the balcony opened her mouth.
Grabbing both their arms Oliver pushed both girls towards the couch, praying that the glass wouldn’t get them there as it started to shatter around them, “Get down!” he yelled, jumping over the couch Lois in front of him and Chloe in his arms as they rolled over, their heads hitting the step as they both landed.
Keeping her head down Lois looked over at Oliver and Chloe, “And I thought the setup was over – Ollie?” Feeling a panic rise she reached out for Chloe, “Chloe? Chloe answer me. Oh my God, Chloe, Oliver, someone?” she whispered just as she felt the darkness taking over.
Opening his eyes Oliver took in a deep breath of air. Looking around he saw the glass from the balcony windows mixing with the glass from the clock face that hid his arrow room. He couldn’t see the blond that had done the damage but he could feel two hands behind him. Glancing down he noticed that he was tied to a chair, his hands behind his back, which explained the tingling sensation in his arms. Reaching out with his hands he squeezed the two hands he had felt earlier. Hearing a sigh he wanted to see who it was.
“Oh, don’t even think of touching me right now Oliver Queen,” Lois said, pulling her hand from Oliver’s, “So in all those nights together, somewhere between brushing teeth and spooning in the sheets, you didn’t think that it might be a good time to mention that you prowled the streets with green leather and a compound bow?”
“Wonderful that your awake Lois but is Chloe.”
“I don’t know I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you’re the Green Arrow.”
Sighing Oliver said, “Well I don’t usually bring the compound bow to bed. Chloe. Chloe can you hear me?”
“Why don’t you just focus on me hero boy? I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were Green Arrow!”
“Sidekick, come on,” Oliver said, determined to ignore Lois for as long as possible. “Come on Chloe open your eyes. Talk to me.”
“Sidekick? “ Lois scoffed, “So I assume Chloe knows. You told my cousin before you told me.”
“He didn’t tell me,” Chloe sighed, taking deep breaths in between words. “And I’m ok hero. At least I think I am.”
Squeezing her hand again Oliver took a deep sigh of relief, “You sure your ok sidekick?”
“Yeah, my head hurts a little but other than that I’m ok.” Chloe replied with a nod, giving Oliver’s hand a quick squeeze.
“Um back to the Green Arrow thing please,” Lois said, “I kissed Green Arrow last year when you were standing there with me in the alley.”
“Yeah I remember that with precise detail.”
“I remember laughing at that with precise detail,” Chloe replied.
“I can’t believe you! You who were supposedly my boyfriend, arranged for me to be lip locked with some wannabe hero!”
Oliver sighed. Lois was getting on his last nerve.
“And how come you were going to make a move tonight when you’re clearly in love with my baby cousin.”
“What?!” Chloe and Oliver cried.
“Please, you’re so concerned that she’ll be ok and you’re ignoring me. Plus she knew your secret long before I did.”
“Ugh,” Dinah said, throwing her fist straight into Lois’s eye, effectively knocking her out, “How do you both put up with that?”
“Acquired taste,” Chloe replied with a laugh, “You know if you hadn’t tied me to a chair, I’d totally like you.”
Oliver chuckled before turning serious, “What can we do for you? Cause I’m just hoping we got off on the wrong foot.”
“You can save it for you’re squawking parrot,” Dinah said with a sigh.
“I can beat whatever they’re paying you,” Oliver replied.
“I’m sure you could.” Dinah said with a smile, “But this is about more than money. It’s something you and your band of merry thieves don’t understand.”
“Dinah,” Chloe said, “I know you believe in justice and so do we. That’s why you do the Word of Justice right? We’re trying to take down Lex so he can finally stop putting people into cells so he can experiment on them. You’re the Word of Justice, how can you not know that about Lex?”
“How do you know that?”
Chloe shrugged, “I know a lot of heroes, I know the signs. It didn’t take long to make the leap. You’re almost as bad as Oliver is about keeping his secret.”
“Just tell me this,” Dinah whispered, “What goes through the mind of a terrorist when he’s about to set off a bomb in a factory?”
“Terrorist?” Chloe scoffed, “You’ve got to be kidding me? I’m not a terrorist.”
“None of us are terrorists.” Oliver sighed. “You have it backwards. No one’s hurt and we’re only taking out the buildings designed to hold people for torture. I’m a good guy. We’re good guys!”
“Isn’t everybody?” Dinah said turning away.
“I know your doubting it. I can see it written over your face. Let us help prove it,” Chloe whispered.
Watching as Dinah nodded he squeezed Chloe’s hand one last time, grateful that she was there with him.
Stopping as he was about to exit the stairwell for the roof he was mesmerised by the blond that had her back to him. He hadn’t seen her since the night with Dinah, not that he was sure he wanted too. Lois’s words had been circling around in his head for the last few days as he tried to make sense of them. He didn’t understand how she had come to that conclusion, at least he hadn’t then, but now she could figure it out in such a short amount of time. He hadn’t realised his feelings until Lois had said something. For the last few months Chloe was the person he wanted to see when he first woke up, he wanted to share his day with her, tell her everything that had happened. He called for silly reasons, constantly using the team as an excuse. It had snuck up on him and now he didn’t know what to do.
Finally moving forward he said, “I guess you got birdie’s message too.”
Chloe nodded, “Yeah I have no idea what she wants though.”
“It’s good to see someone can keep a secret from you Watchtower.”
“Hey!” Dinah called, as she entered the roof, “thanks for coming. Is it too late for an apology?”
“Apology accepted.” They both said together, causing the trio to laugh.
“Do you two do that a lot? Cause I’m not sure that’s something could get use to.”
“Not normally,” Chloe replied, “So I’m assuming you’ve stopped moonlighting for Lex?”
“That won’t be a problem. I’ve decided to hang up my fishnets. I think I was a little out of my league. I’ll be sticking to the Word of Justice from now on. At least I can’t hurt anyone over the airwaves.”
Oliver shrugged, “It seems like such a waste though.”
“Yeah,” Chloe agreed with a nod, “I could always use another girl on the team. It might make the boys pick up their smelly socks.”
“It’s true, I’ve even tried to help,” Oliver replied with a grin.
“I’m not much of a team player, but thanks,” Dinah said with a nod.
Moving to stand next to Dinah the pair of them wrapped one arm each around Dinah and guided her off the roof, “Really? That’s perfect. You’ll fit right in.” Oliver said with a smile.
“What about you Chloe? How are you a part of this?” Dinah asked.
“I’m the eye in the sky,” Chloe said, “Kind big sister if you like. I see all that happens to my Justice League.”
“It’s my Justice League,” Oliver replied with a scoff.
Laughing at him Chloe pulled Dinah away so that they could talk further. Stopping and watching Chloe leave he knew it was going to be hard to leave her knowing what he knew. But he’d be back soon and hopefully he would be able to help her see that the feeling was mutual.

The End

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