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Fic: A birthday party to remember, Chloe and Oliver, PG

Fic: A birthday party to remember.
Rating: PG
Characters: Chloe, Oliver
Word Count: 1512
Fictable: Talon #18
Summary: When Chloe’s in trouble Oliver comes to her rescue.
A/N: Of this post here where Oliver carried Chloe home from her birthday party in Hex. And just so we’re clear I wrote this before realising that the_bluesuede had written anything, I’ve just been in class all day. Luckily though our ideas were very different : D. And Please don’t hate me for some of the things I’ve said, I was just thinking about how we don’t actually really know how good friends Chloe and Oliver were before season 9 cause everything happened off screen.
So enjoy! And please comment : D

Chloe sighed as she watched Lois leave. That was supposed to be her life, running after the story, bringing justice to the world. Instead she ran an organisation for meteor infected, not that any of them knew she was once that way herself, and avoided human contact as much as possible. Oliver might not want to hear her operetta but it would an impressive story if any was to create it. Then again he ex-husband had cost her, her best friend, who couldn’t get his alien head out of his alien ass, and left her alone, like she wasn’t use to anymore. It wasn’t fair in her opinion. Why was she always the hero who ended up alone? Why couldn’t someone else play that part for once?
Shaking her head she turned to Oliver, “Well there goes my ride and she’s leaving me with all of her friends? Are you sure you don’t want to make money off my operetta. I’m sure it would be a show stopper.”
Turning she headed back out onto the balcony, not wanting to hear his response. Oliver might not like to indulge in self-pity often but tonight it felt like her best friend, after all, what better way to replace Clark. Hoisting herself up onto the balcony she let her feet dangly over the edge as she stared down at the tiny cars. That’s how her life felt most days, like all her friends were tiny cars so far away that they weren’t able to help, while she sat, perched on a ledge, unsure of where life was going to take her. It worried her a bit that that was her opinion of her own life but she couldn’t help it. Not when Lois left at random hours, sometimes in the middle of conversations, Clark was blurring away to save lives and if she was completely honest with herself then she had to admit that Oliver wasn’t really her friend. He was Clark’s friend, Lois’s ex and they were only in contact if they needed to get together and save the world. Hell he didn’t even walk her home after Dinah attacked her on the roof of the Daily Planet.
Taking in a deep breath she thought about hopping down off the ledge, cutting her loses and just head home. She was too tired to deal with Lois’s friends, not that it really mattered, she didn’t know any off them and she couldn’t remember their names. Somehow she was sure they would be able to party without her. Deciding to hop off she was shocked the heel on her shoe snapped and her ankle rolled out in an odd way. Gasping in pain she doubled over, reaching for the ankle while trying to stay up right. She was surprised when two arms wrapped around her, lifting her from the ground.
Looking up she shook her head when she saw Oliver, “I should have figured it was you, with hero complex and all.”
“Well I debated leaving but somehow leaving you here with no one you really knew seemed kind of mean on your birthday.”
“Well I’m glad I’m some of form of thought in your head,” Chloe snapped, “But you can put me down. I was just leaving.”
Chuckling Oliver replied, “I’m not putting you down with a twisted ankle. I’m going to take you home, check and bandage your ankle, then sleep in Lois’s bed so tomorrow morning you don’t do something stupid,” as he moved them towards the elevator.
“You don’t have to do that Oliver.”
“I know Chloe but I consider you a friend and though we’re not always there for each other I don’t see a reason why I can’t take care of you at the moment.”
“Well maybe because you’ve never thought to do it before. Let’s be honest Ollie, you and I only know each other because of mutual friends. If Lois and Clark weren’t in our lives there would be no friendship between us.”
Sighing Oliver shrugged and placed Chloe gently into the passenger seat of his car before closing the door and heading to his side. Once they were on their to Smallville he turned and looked at her, half asleep in the chair before whispered, “I don’t many friends, especially those who know my deep dark secret, so from now on I’m going to prove to you that I can be you’re friend and hopefully one day you’ll believe it.”
Pulling into a park he switched off the engine before turning to face Chloe. He’d never really thought about their relationship before. He always assumed that they were friends, they knew each other secrets, they hung out on a regular basis, he’d even been invited to her wedding, not that he had planned to attend, but still it was there. The offer had been made. If that didn’t make them friends he wasn’t sure what would. After all friendship with Clark had always been on the easier side, until the revelation about Lionel and his parents, but when it came to the blond beside him they always disagreed. Oliver had always wanted to see her as his sidekick, that’s why he had originally asked for her help, but when Clark had warned him not to put her in danger he had backed off, he couldn’t help it. He didn’t want anything to happen to her.
Running a hand down her cheek he smiled when she shifted slightly and moaned. Jumping out of the car he walked around to her side, lifted her out gently and locked the car, heading for the Talon’s doors. He had meant what he had said to her in the car, he was going to make this up to her, he was going to prove that he was a friend and he already had a couple of ideas how. Settling her gently on the bed his smile grew bigger as she snuggled straight into her pillow. Gently prying the tiara off her head he placed it onto the night stand before removing her heels and placing a pillow from the couch under the hurt ankle.
Heading into the bathroom he searched until he found a bandage that he could wrap her foot in. Placing it onto the bed he headed into the kitchen to get her an ice pack only to realise that there was nothing but ice cream in the freezer. Closing the freezer door he thought about just leaving it but he knew that if it wasn’t iced soon it would swell badly. Sighing he sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping the ankle before placing it gently back down onto the pillow. Scooping up her keys he figured the least he could do was get her some ice for the ankle before he went to sleep himself.
Moving out the door he couldn’t resist one last look at her while closing the door softly behind him then making his way to the twenty four hour market in Grandville.
Groaning Chloe snuggled further into the bed, praying that the light from the window would stop coming in and the smell of coffee would stop trying to tempt her out of bed. Sighing she knew it was a losing battle. Standing up she cried out in pain when she put too much weight on her ankle. Quickly sitting down she looked at it, surprised to see that it was bandaged. She was sure that Oliver would have just dropped her off but apparently that wasn’t the case. Looking around the room she saw an icepack sitting on the bed. Unsure of how that had gotten there she picked it up, surprised to see that it was from a market in Grandville.
About to stand up again she was surprised when there was a knock on the door before Oliver’s head poked through, “Now are you awake and ready for coffee sleeping beauty or should I come back at another time?”
“I’m awake,” she said, holding her hands out for the coffee mug he was carrying before asking, “Why are you still here?”
Shrugging Oliver replied, “I said I’d stay. You know for two girls who get into a lot of scraps you should invest in a first aid kit or at least more than one bandage.”
Grabbing the pillow she threw it at his head before going back to her coffee. She intended to enjoy it before having to get up for the day but first she really wanted to know why Oliver was still around.
“Oliver, I’m serious. Why are you here?”
Oliver sighed and took a seat, “I told you last night I was going to try harder to be a better friend. This would be my first step at keeping that promise.”
“Chloe,” he said, staring her down, “I’m not going to give up on this so you may as well agree now.”
Chloe laughed, “Fine but your first job is to take the wrap off my leg so I can shower.”
“As you wish.”

The end
Tags: fic: a birthday party to remember, fictable, pairing: chloe/oliver, smallville: fanfiction

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