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Fic: Starting Promises, Chloe/Oliver, R

Fic: Starting Promises.
Rating: R, references to sex :D
Pairing/Characters: Chloe/Oliver, Lana, mentions of Lex, Clark and the JLA
Summary: Chloe needs a date to Lex and Lana’s wedding. Who else is going to fill that role but her sexy billionaire boyfriend?
Word Count: 2110
Fictable: #13 Luther Mansion
Spoilers: 6.16 Promise
A/N: So this is meant to be a sequel to Start Over. I wasn’t actually planning to write a sequel but this got stuck in my head and I couldn’t help it. It could be read by itself but it you want to read the beginning here’s the link. It’s also the first part of my scifiland big bang challenge.
So I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment. :D

Snuggling into the blankets further Chloe sighed and pulled Oliver’s arm further around her. It was nice to feel his arms around her again, to lie there and sleep soundly. She had been nervous about spending the night in the Luthor mansion and had only really agreed to get Lana to stop complaining about it. Of course when Oliver had said he would stay with her it made the whole idea better, and a little dirty, in her mind. It was nice to have him back either way after spending so long apart. It had only been a few months since he and the league had left to take out thirty three point ones but it had felt longer. It was nice to have his arms around her again, holding her close, so tight like he didn’t want to let her go.
The league’s work was important though. In the five months that he had been gone the team had taken out fifteen thirty three point ones. At the moment they were working their way through Europe, starting at Spain and working their way through slowly. There was an order to it that Victor always set out to ensure they stuck to. It was working so far. They were moving quickly and at the rate they were going Oliver estimated that they would be through them all in three years time. Til then they would only meet on rare occasions, when the team needed a break or when Chloe could get enough time off to make it worthwhile to visit. She usually only got a few days off but since Bart, and even Clark, was willing to run her to and from their location it made the whole thing a lot easier.
Sighing Chloe moved out of Oliver’s arms, reaching for her clothes. As much as she wanted to stay in his arms forever she couldn’t. She had bridesmaid duties to deal with after all. She as sure Lana would come knocking on the door demanding that she come and do something that she would find completely unnecessary. Still it wasn’t her place to complain, she just had to smile and do as asked, it was Lana’s special day after all. Hopefully she would only get married once so Chloe wouldn’t have to go through this again. Lana was a great friend but Chloe was getting a little tired of constantly having to deal with Lex. It would be nice to be free of Lex Luthor, even if it was only for a little while.
Pulling on her bra she adjusted it so it sat right when she felt a hand trail down her back. Smiling she looked over her shoulder at Oliver, who was now awake, before picking up her jeans and standing to pull them on.
“The whole concept of morning sex is lost on you, isn’t it?”
Laughing Chloe buttoned and zipped up her pants before turning back to Oliver, “Usually it’s not but this morning it has to be. Lana could show up at any moment demanding me to do something.”
Watching as Oliver rolled his eyes before moving out of bed she was surprised when he pulled on his boxers and his jeans quickly before moving towards her. Smiling at him as he headed towards her she couldn’t believe the way that she felt about him. He amazed her every day. His strength and courage to stand up to what made her love him so much more than she already did. Allowing him to pull her into his arms she sighed and rested her head on his chest.
“I have to finish getting dressed,” Chloe whispered, placing a kiss just above his left nipple. Hearing him sigh she placed another kiss there just before she pulled back, “I have to go. Lana wants to meet for breakfast before doing the million and one things she has planned before the wedding.”
“Chloe, you’re beautiful and I don’t think you need to spend the day in some mini spa to look amazing. You look perfect to me at the moment, hair wonky, checks flushed, only in a bra and jeans.”
“Oh Mr Queen,” she sighed, “You sure do know how to flatter a girl.”
“I do try my best,” he whispered, lowering his lips to hers. Sighing into the kiss she wrapped her arms around his neck, threading one into the hair at the base of his neck. Rising up onto her tippy toes so that she could reach him better she opened her mouth when his tongue swept slowly along her bottom lip. Moaning as his tongue tangled with hers she didn’t hear Lana enter the room until she cleared her throat.
Pulling back Chloe tried not to blush as she turned to her friend, “I’ll be ready in a sec.”
Lana nodded, “Great. I’ll wait outside for you.”
Watching as Lana left, closing the door behind her, Chloe left out a little laugh. “I have to go,” she said, pulling away from him.
Grabbing onto her belt loops Oliver pulled Chloe closer to him, “Don’t go. Leave fairy princess to deal with things alone for an hour.”
“She’s outside the door,” Chloe protested before sighing, “How about this. You let me go and I’ll see you at the wedding, I’ll be the one walking down the aisle before the bride. Then at reception we can sneak of,” she continued, reaching up to whisper in his ear, “And have slutty wedding sex,” before biting his earlobe gently.
Returning her feet to the ground she looked up at Oliver, his eyes were closed as if he was trying to control himself, “You drive a hard bargain Miss Sullivan.”
“But do you accept it?”
Reaching out the back of her head, crashing her lips into his, forcing her mouth open and kissing her in such a dominating way that she was sure if he didn’t let go soon she wouldn’t leave. Groaning as he pulled away she closed her eyes and let out her breath, “So I’m assuming we have a deal,” she whispered.
“I think we do,” Oliver said with a nod.
Kissing him again lightly she moved away, grabbing her shirt from the ground and shrugging it onto her shoulders. Glancing back she was happily surprised to see that he was still staring at her. Shaking her head she continued on her way out, buttoning up her shirt. She was still shocked at times with the way she could hold his attention even after being together for almost a year. It made her feel beautiful, it made her feel wanted and she was so glad that it was Oliver that made her feel that way.
Smiling at Lana as she exited the room Chloe said, “Hey, I’m sorry you had to walk in on that.”
“Some warning that he was here and I’d be walking in on that would have been nice,” Lana said with a small smile, “I didn’t even know he was here.”
“He got in late last night, flies out late tomorrow night and I didn’t want to be apart from him just cause I had to stay here,” Chloe lied. While that was part of the reason she wanted Oliver to stay it wasn’t the full reason. She wasn’t going to share that with Lana for the anything.
“Its fine, I just wish that you’d told me,” Lana sighed, “I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about him dropping in on the wedding unannounced.”
“Yeah I’m kinda glad I RSVP’d for him even though I wasn’t sure if he was coming or not.” Chloe said.
Lana pushed off the wall and the pair began walking down the corridor, “You seem happy though, that he’s here.”
“I am Lana, I’m really happy with him.”
“Even though he has been gone for a while?” Lana asked.
Chloe stopped and turned to her childhood friend. Raising an eyebrow at her she said, “I hope you’re not implying what I think you’re implying.”
“It’s just got to be hard, with all that distance between you.”
“It can be but that doesn’t mean Oliver cheats and it doesn’t mean that I cheat. It simply means that he has to take care of his European companies for a while. Do I miss him? Sure but you’d know that already if you’d bothered to ask,” Chloe said before storming off down the hall.
“Chloe!” Lana called, “What’s wrong with you?”
“You know what Lana, you only ask these questions now cause you caught us making out. Every other time I’ve seen you these last couple of months you’ve been talking about the wedding or Clark or how I’m such a bad friend or the baby. Well guess what, I have a life. I have a life and it happens to include that wonderful man in there. Of course you would know just how wonderful he is if you actually asked every once in a while.”
“I’m sorry Chloe I’ve just been so caught up.” Lana whispered, “With the wedding and the baby. How about we talk about you and Oliver while we get ready? It’ll take my mind off the million and ones things that could go wrong.”
Chloe sighed and shut her eyes, “I guess I could be ok with that.”
Wrapping her arm around Chloe’s shoulders Lana smiled, “Good cause I want to hear everything. Starting with how incredible his abs are.”
Smiling as the photographer took another photo she was glad that the photographer was telling her that she could go. She had been looking forward to finding Oliver and sneaking away for a little sexy time. She hadn’t seen enough of that boy in a while as far as she was concerned and he was leaving tomorrow on a late flight. She was glad that he had come but it was going to be hard to say goodbye again. It was always hard to say goodbye but she wasn’t willing to trade it for anything, not even the world. Though Oliver wouldn’t let her do that even if she tried again. She was very glad for that though, it proved just how much they had grown on each other. It was amazing that she had only met him two years ago, that they had only been dating since just before the events of Dark Thursday, that they could still feel this way towards each other even though they had only seen each other a handful of times in the last few months.
Seeing him leaning against the end of the bar Chloe smiled before walking towards him. She caught his eye when she was halfway across the room and she watched as his eyes dropped to her hips, watching them sway as she walked. She felt so free, so amazing when Oliver was around, like he saw her, understood her, the good, the bad and the ugly. And it made it all worthwhile. The distance, while it killed her at times, also served to remind her of how much she loved him and how much she was loved in return.
Wrapping her arms around him she buried her face into his neck, breathing in his scent. But there was nothing that she missed more than anything. Being wrapped up in his arms, feeling him hold her tight and close, it was amazing to be in one of his bear hugs.
Pulling back she smiled at him and said, “You ready to get out of here Romeo.”
“Yeah, I’m ready to drag you back to my bed and see this dress on floor. I think it would look great there, not as good as it looks on you but still great.” Oliver replied, “Though you still owe me slutty wedding sex.”
Glancing around the room she saw that Lana was more than occupied with entertaining guest. Looking back to Oliver she smiled up at him before whispering, “There’s bathroom close to the exit if we can make it there I’ll make good on our deal. Otherwise we may have to do slutty back of the limo sex.”
“I’m willing to do both,” Oliver groaned.
Grabbing his hand she pulled him from the room, “Then we should leave and make good on our deal.”
Moving out of the room, Oliver walking next to her, she couldn’t help but feel happy, it was amazing that one man could make her feel so much. If she had her way she was never going to let him leave her but life had to continue. So they were just going to make good use of the time they had.

The end

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