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Arrow cast


Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss

It seems, once again, that you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place

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Fic: For you, I'd risk it all, Chloe/Oliver Mia/Ian, NC-17 Part 1
Arrow cast
Fic title: For you, I’d risk it all (Part 1 of 3)
Author name: isdon_isgood9
Artistname: ctbn60
Beta: Haven’t heard back from them
Genre: (rps, het, gen, etc.) het
Pairing and/or characters: Chloe/Oliver, Ian/Mia, past Oliver/Dinah
Rating: NC17
Word count: 18,437
Warnings: (delete if not applicable) Sex scene, unknown voyeurism
Summary: After murdering Prometheus Oliver is lost, unsure of what to do, and Mia has been thrown into turmoil. Lucky there is a blond ready to help them out.
Note: This is a Smallville, X-men, and Tower Prep fusion story that has used elements from the Green Arrow comics, even though I’ve never actually read them :D

Link to art:

Watching quietly he couldn’t help but notice the movement of her hips, the way they swayed confidently from side to side, as she walked away from the criminal she had tied up and left for the cops. He’d just seen her take on the man, who had a knife, with just her hands and no sign of a mutation of any kind. He was supremely impressed. Smiling quietly to himself he stood from where he was resting against his car. He waited for her to see him at the mouth of the alleyway but she didn’t appear to be paying enough attention, too focused on the gadget in her hand. He knew there was only one thing to do.
“That was impressive,” he called.
Her head snapped up, her hands raising mindlessly, before she responded, “Glad you enjoyed the show.”
He shrugged, “I would have seen that roundhouse kick coming but never the less it was impressive. Can we talk?”
“Funnily enough I thought that’s what we were doing.”
“Smart, I like that in a girl.”
She smiled before responding, “So when I kick your ass are you going to tell me that you like that in a girl too.”
“Not many people beat me,” he said, “I have a special talent.”
“Talking to strangers?” she asked.
He laughed, “It’s called precognition. I’m Ian Archer and I’m a student at Xavier’s school for the gifted and I’ve been sent to see if you’re as good as we think. Lucky for you, I think you are.”
“So I should be impressed?”
“No,” Ian replied whilst shrugging one shoulder, “But I suppose you don’t know what it means. You don’t have a gift that we’ve seen, your accuracy is pretty good but other than that there’s been nothing.”
“What do you want with me then?”
“Well I could ask you to supply your name but I think it’s pretty clear that from what I’ve said that I already know. So, Mia, I’m here to offer you a place at our school. You shouldn’t do what you do alone.”
“I wasn’t alone,” Mia whispered, “It’s only been these past few months where I’ve had to do things by myself.”
“We only know so much, you’ve kept yourself pretty hidden for five or six years there.”
“Life forced that upon me.” Mia replied with a shrug. “Now I need to ensure that I can survive.”
“Join us and you will,” Ian said, opening the car door for her. When he saw she wasn’t moving he shrugged, “If you don’t like what I show you, you don’t have to stay but what have you got to lose.”
Mia sighed before slipping into the passenger seat of the car. As far as she was concerned there was lots to lose, especially if she got attached.

From his place on the rooftop Oliver watched as Mia slipped into the car with the stranger. He knew he shouldn’t spy on her but he also knew that she wouldn’t stop being a vigilante. Since he had taught her how, he felt obligated to protect her. There was a sense of responsibility when all of his other senses failed him. It gave clarity and light where nothing but a bottle had given him that. After the events of Prometheus no one would blame him for that though.
Jotting down the license plate number he reached for him phone. Sure only a few people in the Justice League would answer his call, and he didn’t blame them for that (clearly they were on Dinah’s side in the divorce), but he knew his best friend would answer no matter what.
Dialling he waited for the phone to connect before starting without waiting for a response, “I need your help.”
“Geez man, you call at two in the morning and there’s no greeting, no ability to say hello, ask how I am. No enquiry as to if I’m still awake, you’re just straight to business.” Hal grumbled.
“Well Mia just got in the car with someone that we don’t know.” Oliver replied, “So I thought I’d save the greetings for later.”
“Well I disagree. There is always time for a good greeting.” Hal said with a chuckle, “What’s the number?”
“C546X8,” Oliver replied.
A few minutes passed before Hal could give his answer, “Ok I’ve got an address and name. Now tell me, have you been drinking?”
Oliver snorted, “Why does that matter?”
“Cause I say it does,” Hal replied, “Just answer honestly.”
Oliver sighed, “Yes but that shouldn’t matter.”
“It does. This place is a long way away. Stay put, I’ll come get you and we’ll drive down to get her together.”
“Fine, you have a five minutes then I call someone else.”
“Deal,” Hal snorted, hanging up the phone knowing there was no one else for Oliver to call.

When Ian pulled through the gates he turned to Mia. She had been quiet the whole way here but when he looked over he noticed that she was asleep, completely lax in the seat, almost as if she hadn’t slept in a long time. He felt bad that he had to wake her but he didn’t want her to miss the view. Stopping the car’s acceleration he reached over and shook her shoulder gently. When she jumped, arms flying to a defensive position, he knew that his theory was right; it had been a long time since she had felt safe enough to sleep.
Holding his hands up defensively he said, “We’re almost there. I didn’t want you to miss the view.”
Watching her nod he eased his foot slowly down onto the accelerator, allowing the car to roll forward as they came in. While the building was the first thing your eyes were drawn too, he knew that it wouldn’t be the most impressive. Pausing slightly he pointed to the left where students were running on a track, the girl kept teleporting in front of the boys running with her. Moving on he paused by the basketball court to watch a boy stretch his arm up to stop the ball that was about to make a basket.
“Oh my god,” Mia whispered. Ian smiled to himself before moving the car to the reception area. Stopping and turning the car off, he hopped out raising a hand to the woman coming down the stairs before circling the car and opening the door for Mia.
Smiling as she exited the car Mia looked around. This place was too incredible to be real. These people were acting without masks, free to be themselves. There was no way that they really wanted her here, not when they learned about the disease she carried. So she wouldn’t get her hopes up. She would get out as soon as she could, turn her back and walk away, before they could her hurt.
“Hi,” a voice behind her said. Spinning Mia saw a woman in a tight, pencil line, black skirt and a flowing gold shirt. If Mia had been anywhere else she would think that she was looking at a school teacher but here it appeared that anything was possible, so she tried not to judge her. “I’m Chloe Sullivan. I’m the director here at Xavier’s school for the gifted student. Welcome, how was the trip?”
“I was expecting to meet Xavier,” Mia replied.
Chloe laughed, shrugging her shoulders in remorse, “Had we been able to find your route faster you may have. Sadly though Xavier died a few months back, I was asked to come in and help whilst the school finds its feet.”
Mia looked the woman up and down before responding, “And you want me to what? Join a school where they can’t find their feet.”
“The woman who is going to take over needs time. Xavier did a lot for all the students in this school, her especially. She was one of the first students to be brought here and on top of losing Xavier, and a few good friends; she’s been left to deal with both the school and the X-men. She needed help and she knew I would be more than willing.” Chloe replied, her face serious.
“And what about sparky here?” Mia asked, pointing to Ian.
“I’m like you,” Ian whispered, “A ward of the state. Chloe is my guardian. I go where she goes.”
“That would be sweet if you weren’t twenty something,” Mia snorted, not believing the story at all.
“Actually I’m 17,” Ian replied with a shrug, “I get to go to school and I get to help others like me. Lots of the students here have left home, they don’t feel like they belong there, so we take them in. A group of wards of the state.”
“So a foster home?”
“Xavier’s is so much more.” Chloe whispered in wonder. She was about to continue when her phone beeped. Turning it over in her hand she looked at the message before turning and running up the stairs. Hitting the green button by the door Mia was surprised when all the doors and windows slammed shut. She turned and saw hatches open in the yard and the students on the basketball court and out in the ground entered them. Two people ran towards them, obviously knowing where they needed to be.
Turning to Ian, Mia asked, “What’s happening?”
Ian shrugged, “I don’t’ know. Chloe will tell us soon.”
Chloe re-joined them as they were joined by the two others. “There’s a car speeding towards us. Bobby freeze up, Colossus be ready, Mia back here with me,” she said reaching out to grab the girls arm before continuing, “Ian what’s coming.”
Ian closed his eyes and focused. When they snapped opened the words spilled from his mouth as if disconnected from his body, “Two people. Green car. They’re about to pull up. The drivers going to step out and throw a wave of green at us, I can’t describe it any other way. The passenger has a bow and arrows.” Sucking in a deep breath he returned to his body to finish his assessment. Using his precognition outside of battle was always different to the instinctual flashes that he got during battle. Turning to the car he popped the boot and pulled out a cross bow before continuing, “Bobby if you put up an ice wall we should be fine from the green wave. Chloe try and knock the bow out of the archer’s hand.”
“You won’t be able to,” Mia whispered. The group turned to look at her, “They’re my friends. I know what they’re going to do. Let me deal with them.”
“No,” Bobby said, “Everyone knows what’s happens when you enter Xavier’s like they are.” Placing his hands out in front of him he allowed the ice to seep through his body and out around them. Ian handed Chloe the crossbow before walking towards Colossus, putting his hands up into guard position.
The car’s tires came screeching around the corner before Mia could say anything else. Hal jumped out throwing off a green blast that barely moved the wall of ice. Chloe raised the crossbow, setting the sight, as Oliver leaped from the car, compound bow raised, two arrows ready to shot. Bobby let down the ice wall and Mia expect the two arrows that Oliver had ready to hit their targets, Ian and Colossus, but Colossus’s skin had ripple into stone and Ian caught the arrow easily in his hand. When she turned back to look at Oliver she was surprised to see his bow on the ground, shaking his hand furiously as if he’d been hit. Going to move towards him Mia was surprised when Hal was whipped into a tornado.
“Wait!” she cried, breaking out of the formation, “Don’t hurt them,” running towards Oliver and Hal. Grabbing Oliver’s hand she was relieved to see that the arrow must have just stung him. Heading over to Hal she looked at back at the group. “Let him go,” she demanded, her eyes narrowing on Chloe.
Chloe looked to the sky and nodded. Looking up Mia noticed that girl floating in the air, her eyes a stormy grey with flecks of white. Her eyes rolled back to normal as she floated to the ground, the tornado dissipating.
“Alright Mia,” Chloe said, “Why should we trust men who came in here with the intent to harm us?”
“We just wanted Mia back,” Oliver demanded.
“We didn’t take her,” Bobby replied, “She came of her own free will.”
“I did,” Mia whispered, moving back to Oliver, “How did you know though?”
Oliver shrugged, “It doesn’t matter. What matters is what you were doing? You got in the car with a stranger.”
“To be fair she put up a bit of a fight,” Ian said with a shrug.
“That’s not the point,” Oliver growled.
Rolling his eyes Hal stepped in, “Before Oliver loses it completely, why don’t you tell us what’s going on Mia?”
“They wanted to show me the school,” Mia whispered, “I came by choice. Don’t worry, I’m not staying with them. How did you guys know I was here anyway?”
“I may have been following you,” Oliver said sheepishly, his eyes diverting to the ground.
Chloe decided to step in. Moving around Ian and Colossus she said, “Well I’m still going to show you around Mia, hopefully you will change your mind. Your… friends are more than welcome to join us.”
“Oliver is legal guardian,” Mia replied pointing to Oliver before pointing to Hal, “Hal is his best friend.”
“You’ve got some impressive people here,” Hal said, looking Chloe up and down, “What’s your special power then?”
“Unlike you, Hal Jordan, I do not possess the ability of a green lantern. I cannot wish anything within the realms of my imagination to life. I can, however, heal. It comes at a cost but I can heal anything from a paper cut to someone on the brink of death.”
Hal sucked in a deep breath, “How do you know that about me?”
“The same way I know everything,” Chloe replied waggling her fingers, “I’m good with a computer. Shall we?”
Mia nodded, “I think that would be a good idea.”
“No,” Oliver snapped, “If you know that how do we know that you won’t tell everyone.”
“Oh please,” Chloe sighed, “I run the x-men and no one knows their identities, I’m not about to run off and tell yours.”
“I believe you,” Hal replied with a shocked whisper, “I don’t know why but I do. Show us around.”
Chloe nodded, “Right this way.” She said gesturing her hand, “Bobby, Ororo, and Piotr return to what you were doing, ensure that the manor gets taken out of lockdown and all the children are accounted for. Ian and I have got it from here.” Turning on her heel she led the small group out across the grounds. “Here at Xavier’s we do a lot of things, general education is just one. Students are assisted in finishing high school and if they wish to continue their education we ensure that they can get into, and pay for, their chosen college. On top of that though students are encouraged to learn, develop and master their special skills.”
Stopping when they had reached a patch of field Chloe bent over to open a panel as Ian continued, “Before I met Chloe I had no idea what my talents could do. I certainly never thought that I could help a team the way I did today. Before I could only see flashes and that normally occurred during battle. Now thanks to my training I can hold a vision, see things for a few minutes instead of seconds.”
“But I don’t have a special power,” Mia protested, “I’m not gifted the way some of these students are.”
“But that’s where you are wrong,” Chloe whispered, finishing playing with the panel in the ground. Out popped a set of targets in the ground, “I think that your accuracy isn’t just a learnt trait. I think that it could lead to more than you imagined, if you changed a few things.” Pulling out her tiny compound bow she flipped it open before handing it to Ian, “Now I think that with the right training, your accuracy could move past just shooting things. I think it might lead to you being able to catch flying objects, seeing the unseeable, laser focus eye sight, and maybe eventually being able to catch a bullet in your hands. Imagine the possibilities.”
Mia laughed, “Why? I’m a street brat, who happened to get a lucky break once. That’s not going to keep happening just because you want it to.”
“But it can.” Hal replied. “I wish you wouldn’t see yourself that way.”
“I wish you wouldn’t too,” Chloe added, “It doesn’t matter though. If you let me I’ll show you what I think you can do. There are other students who could help as well, Ian is only one them.”
“And if I don’t agree,” Oliver said.
Chloe shrugged, “As far as I’m concerned you don’t get a say. Over half the students here are here either without their parents’ consent or with a few white lies so their parents never know what they can do. Your opinion, doesn’t matter Mr Queen.”
“Don’t Mr Queen me, and my opinion does matter. Right Mia?”
“I don’t know Ollie,” Mia whispered, “I don’t see you anymore, not since everything with Prometheus and your divorce. I don’t think you can have a say.”
“Mia, you know I still care about you right?”
“Sure,” Mia said with a shrug, “Enough to stalk me on roof tops. Is that really love?”
Chloe sighed, “I may have a solution.” The pair turned to face her, “I currently have an opening on staff for a hand to hand combat trainer. It would mean no drinking or drugs. You would have to live here but you and Mia can work on your relationship, give this place a try for a month. Sort yourselves out. You never know you may find yourselves here.”
Staring at Oliver Mia nodded, “I’m in if you are.”
Oliver sighed, “One month. That’s all. We’re not trapped here for life?”
Chloe laughed, “Even if I wanted to I couldn’t trap either of you here. Welcome to Xavier’s none the less.”

One week later Mia was starting to find herself settling in, much to her surprise. She did her training, slept and hung out with some of the other students. At the end of the day they weren’t as different to her as she first thought they would be, she was even getting to know Ian better. All in all she thought she was settling in quite well, which was why she was confused as to why she was being called into Chloe’s office.
“Mia,” Chloe called from her place at her desk, “Come in.”
Entering nervously Mia was surprised to see Oliver there too. He looked a little rough around the edges, the effects of the alcohol wearing off, but better than she had seen him in a while.
“Why am I here?” she asked.
“Sit down Mia,” Chloe sighed. When Mia was seated she continued, “Now I’m glad that you are settling in well. From what I’ve heard lots of students are enjoying you company, your coaches are impressed with your skill, and even Ian is liking having you around.”
“So what’s that problem?” Oliver asked.
“Mia, you need to attend classes.” Chloe said, “I thought I made it clear but maybe I didn’t. All students are required to pass high school. You haven’t which means from today you will have to attend all classes listed on this timetable,” pushing a piece of paper towards her Chloe waited.
“Seriously? I’ve never been good at school. I thought you guys would understand that I don’t want to finish high school.” Mia replied.
“That may be the case but you are at a school and you are under eighteen which means you have no say. You must go to school or leave immediately. I expect you to be in science class with Ororo in half an hour or packing your bags. The choice is yours,” Chloe replied with a shrug before standing to open the door for them.
Scoffing Mia left in a huff, not looking back at either adult. Oliver stood from his seat but didn’t leave, “You know I’ve never forced school on her for a good reason.”
“And I have good reasons to force school on her, Oliver.”
“Ollie is fine,” Oliver sighed, “And I get you think that but she doesn’t respond well to ultimatums.”
“Really because I think in half an hour I’ll go to Ororo’s science class and find her there.” Chloe responded. “I know you think you know her, and that your way works, but she’s still the same street kid you met all those years ago. Don’t you think she can be so much more?’
“Of course.”
“Than push her to be Oliver or get out of my way. Cause with or without your approval I’m going to push her to be the best she can be.” Chloe replied, “Now leave so I can finish my work.”
“You’re crazy,” Oliver muttered to himself as he left.

Half an hour later Mia had made her decision, sliding into a seat at the back of Ororo’s science class. It would be torture to go to school again, she had hated it the first time around, but after a week here she was feeling settled. It felt more like home than anything else had in a while. Of course she still wasn’t planning to stay long than a month if Ollie wouldn’t stay with her, but until then she was happy to comply.
Turning as someone slid into the chair next to her she was surprised to see Ian, “Nice of you to make it,” he said.
“Yeah well you probably tattled on me.”
“Oh please, I didn’t have to,” Ian replied, “They doorways are rigged to take attendance without the need for a roll. Don’t worry though, the only boring class is math.”
“Oh and why’s that?”
“Well today we are doing weather and Ororo can control weather. Makes science interesting.”
Mia shrugged, “And what if she’s not.”
Ian laughed, “I’ll make you a deal. If she bores the living hell out of you, I’ll do whatever you want this weekend, I’ll even get us a leavers pass.”
“And if she doesn’t?”
“Then you do whatever I want.”
Mia nodded, “I like a man who puts his money where his mouth is.”
“Well I’m good like that, luckily I won’t be the one paying.”
An hour later as they left Mia had to concede, “Alright. That was pretty amazing.”
“I know, who else would show us a blizzard up close.”
“Or a tornado,” Mia laughed, “So what are you going to make me do?”
“You will just have to wait and see.” Ian replied wriggling his eyebrows before jogging of to his next class.
Rolling her eyes Mia headed the other way. She didn’t know what it was but there was defiantly something about Ian Archer that she couldn’t help but like.

Two days later Oliver decided that it was time to talk to Chloe about what had happened in her office. As much as he disagreed with her methods he did like the results. Mia had been showing up to all her classes, and participating, without another protest. In fact she couldn’t help but babble about the first science class she had attended whenever Oliver saw her. He was amazed by the transformation that Mia had been making at the school. Whenever he saw her she was surrounded by people, and that boy Ian, laughing and acting like a normal teenage. He got to train with her, and a few others in the morning, and they had a debriefing on a daily basis but the other times he saw her, she was being normal. It was nice.
Oliver wasn’t sure if he was going to stay though. As much as he saw how amazing this place was for Mia, and how much he wanted her to stay, he felt completely out of place. Sure he had fun with the hand to hand combat class he taught and he enjoyed showing some of the students the finer points of archery, but when students were in class that was another story. All the other adults taught classes all day and Chloe worked at keeping everything together. Oliver just sat around. It lead to him feeling completely bored, pining for a drink to distract him, whilst waiting for classes to end.
Spotting Chloe across the room he moved towards her. The other woman puzzled him. He wasn’t used to women who dismissed him but that’s what Chloe seemed to keep doing. She wouldn’t take his shit and he liked that but she wasn’t willing to give him a chance either. That infuriated him. He’d never met anyone like her and he wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.
Stepping up behind her he said, “Hey.”
Turning in her seat Chloe gave him a tight smile, “What can I do for you Oliver?”
Sighing Oliver said, “I just wanted to say I’m sorry. You were right to push Mia and not only is she going to her classes she’s really enjoying them. It’s a pleasant surprise.”
“While I’m glad you’ve come around and I don’t need an apology,” Chloe replied, “I don’t need your approval. I’ll do what I think is best.”
Oliver nodded, “I understand I just wanted to say I’ll back you from now on. Obviously you know what you’re talking about.”
“I do,” Chloe whispered, “It comes from listening. Maybe you should try that with Mia.”
“Mia and I talk all the time.”
“See, you weren’t listening,” Chloe replied, “I said you should listen to her. She said she wanted to be a normal kid, well normal kids go to class during the day. Listening got me that, not talking.”
Oliver nodded, really thinking about what she had said for the first time, “I never thought about it like that.”
Chloe shrugged, “Maybe you should.”
Oliver laughed, “Well maybe I should be going to class.”
“If you want to you could,” Chloe replied, “I hold a listening class three times a week at twelve. Maybe I’ll see you then,” she said before standing and walking away.
Though Oliver didn’t know it in that moment, he showed up to every listening class after that, hoping to improve all his relationships, not just the one he had with Mia. Suddenly without realising it Chloe was influencing the way he thought about himself, deep down in his core, the things that he had always held true.

On Saturday Mia waited patiently in the foyer for Ian to come and grab her. She wasn’t sure why she agreed to this date but she was feeling nervous about it now. It had been a long time since someone had taken a fancy in her, and even longer since she felt she could return those feelings. Ian was a good guy though, he knew when to push and when to back off, and he didn’t cling to her. Whilst he had introduced to her to a number of the students at Xavier’s he had backed off after introductions to allow herself to take over after that.
It felt like there could be a strong connection between them but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. After all they had only known each other a few weeks, who knew where this could go. For all she knew Ian could already be dating someone.
The call of her name pulled her from her thoughts as she turned and smiled at Ian, “Hey. So are you finally going to tell me where we are going?”
Ian laughed, “Nope. It’s still a surprise and it’s going to continue being a surprise until we get there.”
Rolling her eyes Mia stepped into, placing a hand on his chest, “Please.”
Stepping away Ian shook his head and walked towards the door, “Not happening Speedy. Now let’s go or we’ll be late.”
“How can we be late?” she called after him as she followed.
She wasn’t surprised when they hopped into his car, after all Ian had told her the previous day that he had secured off grounds passes for them both. She was hoping that they might spend the day at the beach or go and see a movie. What she doesn’t expect is to be pulling into a community centre.
As she stepped out of the car Mia couldn’t help but comment, “You know when you said date I didn’t think this was what you had in mind.”
Ian shrugged, “I volunteer here every Saturday. I’m the basketball coach. I figured you could help me out and then we’d go and get burgers.”
“Weirdest date every,” Mia whispered to herself.
An hour later she was almost down with the arts project they had let her do when a basketball hit her in the head. Gasping her hand reached up, cupping the back of her head, as she spun on her heels to see who had thrown the ball.
“What the hell Archer!” she demanded, picking up the ball she throw it straight back, not surprised when he caught it easily.
Ian shrugged, “You were off with the fairies. I thought it would be the best way to get your attention.”
“Saying my name doesn’t work. That really hurt.”
“I’m sorry,” Ian replied with a smirk, “Want me to kiss it better?”
Mia scoffed, “’Cause that’s what I’ve always wanted. To be hit in the head then kissed.”
“Fine I’ll save the kissing for later,” Ian replied with a shrug, “Ready to go?”
“Yes,” Mia sighed, “But these better be some damn good burgers if you’re expecting a kiss.”
“Best burgers ever. I’ll defiantly earn that kiss.”
“We’ll have to see if you’re wooing works then. So far it’s been sub par.” Mia said with a shrug, heading towards the door.
“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Ian promised as he followed her out the door.

Part 2