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Arrow cast


Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss

It seems, once again, that you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place

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Fic: For you, I'd risk it all, Chloe/Oliver Mia/Ian, NC-17 Part 2
Arrow cast
Fic title: For you, I’d risk it all (Part 2 of 3)
Author name: isdon_isgood9
Artistname: ctbn60
Beta: Haven’t heard back from them
Genre: (rps, het, gen, etc.) het
Pairing and/or characters: Chloe/Oliver, Ian/Mia, past Oliver/Dinah
Rating: NC17
Word count: 18,437
Warnings: (delete if not applicable) Sex scene, unknown voyeurism
Summary: After murdering Prometheus Oliver is lost, unsure of what to do, and Mia has been thrown into turmoil. Lucky there is a blond ready to help them out.
Note: This is a Smallville, X-men, and Tower Prep fusion story that has used elements from the Green Arrow comics, even though I’ve never actually read them :D

Link to art:

Part 1

Oliver was surprised to have a Saturday to himself. Normally he spent his weekend with Hal but his best friend had plans with his girlfriend so Oliver was left to his own devices.
And he was bored!
He had been for a run, done his washing, gone for another run, and even done some cooking. Still, sitting in the kitchen, he couldn’t think of anything else to do. Normally when he was bored he would suit up and find some criminals to lock up. He hadn’t suited up in months though, not after he had murdered Prometheus. He felt guilty enough about what had happened there, no one trusted him, so he felt no need to force his presence on people who didn’t want him. That also extended to the Justice League. They had all sided with Dinah in the divorce and the only person who spoke to him was Hal. That wasn’t surprising though, Hal had been his best friend, and they would remain that way whether or not he was in the Justice League. What annoyed him the most though was that people that were supposed to be his friends turned their backs. He knew he had done wrong, he knew that most of them wouldn’t be able to forgive him but to ignore him like he didn’t exist wasn’t fair. He worked hard to prove himself to them and they turned away at the first chance they were given.
He thought that was probably one of the many reasons he didn’t want to make any friends here at Xavier’s. What was the point to making friends if they all deserted him when he needed them most? No, it was better to stick to himself and leave when the trial period was over. He wasn’t sure whether or not Mia would stay but he was completely convinced he would have outstayed his welcome by then.
He sighed into his pasta, it wasn’t as if he didn’t want friends, he was just never good at making them. Women he could charm into bed by flashing them a grin, he was sure that it would work on men if he wanted it too, but it didn’t gain him friends. It was a skill he had never really learnt.
“Hey,” came a voice from the door.
Oliver’s head shot up before he smiled at Chloe, “hey.”
“What are you doing?” Chloe asked, sitting at the stool across from him.
“I made some pasta for dinner,” Oliver replied with a shrug, “Why are you here?”
“I came to look for something that didn’t require any cooking skills at all.”
“You mean to tell me that you’re as smart as a whip but can’t cook,” Oliver replied.
“I burn toast,” Chloe sighed, “Normally I’d order take out but there is no point when it’s just me.”
“Ian’s not bringing you back food?”
Chloe raised an eyebrow, “Please that would mean he’d have to pay attention to something other than Mia while on their date. I doubt that’s going to happen.”
“It’s a date?” Oliver asked, “Mia just said they were hanging out.”
“Oh, you poor thing,” Chloe sighed, “You really need to catch up on the lingo. Hanging out is what the kids call dating now days. Even if it wasn’t though I happen to know that my ward is crazy about your ward, he’d find a way to turn it into a date.”
“So he has lots of experience?”
Chloe laughed, “I wouldn’t say that. It’s just that he’s not bad with the ladies. He’s not a player though, he generally doesn’t make a move for a while. I was quite surprised at how fast he decided to move things along with Mia, he must really like her.”
Oliver sighed, “I hope so. Mia’s been hurt before.”
“So have most people in the world Oliver, the trick is not to let it get to you too badly.” Chloe replied, before moving over to the pasta, “Mind if I have some?”
“No, go for it,” Oliver replied, “Most people know how I’ve been hurt. What about you?”
“Oh really, you want to play that game?” Chloe asked.
Oliver nodded, “I think I do.”
“Fine but you have to share as well.” Chloe replied with a sigh. “I grew up in Smallville. Clark Kent was my best friend, before he became Superman, and I had the world’s biggest crush on him. He didn’t want to give me the time of day, he was too in love with my best friend Lana, and then he was too in love with my cousin Lois. It leaves a girl feeling inadequate.”
“Wow, you knew Clark once upon a time? Was he a boy scout back then too?”
Chloe laughed, “Without a doubt, and oblivious as hell. He couldn’t see me as anything other than his friend.”
“Well it’s his loss.”
“That’s what I thought too,” Chloe said, “I’ve moved on since then, I almost married Jimmy Olsen, the photographer from the Daily Planet, but really all it did was show me that I can’t be with anyone I can’t be honest with. So now I get to be lonely and wait for the Mr Right. The one who will know all my secrets and I’ll know all his.”
“That’s sounds nice,” Oliver replied with a sigh. “I thought I had that in Dinah but obvious I didn’t. Otherwise she would have accepted all of me. Good and bad right?”
Chloe nodded, “I’d like to think so.”
Oliver shrugged, “Maybe I’ll never have it. Certainly not as Green Arrow anyway. The sad truth of the matter is that I’m not sure I could ever be married again and have two identities. I’d need to choose one.”
“Or maybe you just need to find a way to ensure that they are more alike. More like the real you than the you the world wants to see,” Chloe said, taking her first mouthful of pasta, “Were you ever really yourself in your marriage?”
“No,” Oliver whispered, “I’ve always been good at being the person people need or want me to be. I’m not sure who the real Oliver Queen is.”
“Maybe it’s time to find out,” Chloe suggested, “Of course, what do I know? I almost married someone I didn’t really love to try and convince myself I was over a guy who didn’t notice me in high school. I’m kinda pathetic.”
“I’m kinda pathetic too. Glad I’ve got such good company,” Oliver said with a smile. Maybe he had just made his first friend.

Mia was quite surprised that once dinner was over Ian brought them straight back to Xavier’s. She had expected him to try and prolong their date, especially considering they were having so much fun. The burgers had been great, the shakes incredible, and their fry fight had scored her most of Ian’s crunchies. In all it had been a pretty good date. Going back hadn’t been in her plans but obviously Ian had other ideas.
Doubt settled in. What if Ian hadn’t felt the same way she had about their date? What if he didn’t think he had earned his kiss? Because he had, from the moment he had let her have half of his shake as well as her own, because she had loved the chocolate so much she just had to try the strawberry, only to find it was just as delicious.
Still she let him take the lead. If he walked her to her door with no indication that he wouldn’t kiss her than she would take over. After all she had to give the boy a chance. He could have just been nervous.
She was surprised however when instead of heading towards the school they took a turn towards the forest. Letting him continue to travel she was further surprised when he stopped in a clearing. Stepping out of the car Mia looked up at the sky.
“It’s incredible here,” she whispered.
Ian nodded, “I found my first month here and as far as I know, no one else knows about it. I love to come here and just look at the stars.”
Grabbing a picnic rug from the back of the car she was surprised when he threw it over the bonnet of the car before hoping on himself. Patting the space next to him Mia laughed at his silly antics before climbing on beside him. Leaning back on the windscreen she enjoyed the view that she was given.
“It feels like time could stop here,” she whispered.
“That’s how I feel. There’s no need to see ahead of time, just a desire to know what’s happening in the present.”
“You must love that,” Mia said, turning her head towards him.
Ian nodded, keeping his eyes on the sky, “I really do. It can be exhausting to know what’s going to happen.”
“Well maybe you’ll want to know this now,” Mia whispered pulling herself up.
Ian shook his head, turning to look her in the eye, “No. I’ll let whatever is going to happen here happen. I don’t anything to influence it.”
“You constantly surprise me Archer,” Mia whispered before leaning down and placing her lips on his. It was a simple, fleeting kiss, nothing remarkable, and only lasting a few seconds before she pulled back.
What surprised her next was Ian’s reaction. She had expected him to let her pull away. Instead he raised himself up, placed his hand on her neck and brought her back in for another kiss. This one was different. It took her breath away as Ian moved his lips slowly against hers. It warmed her body through to her core and sent tingles down her spine. Bringing up her own hand she placed it on his upper arm, wanting to get as close to him as possible. She leaned in further as he teased her lips apart, taking the lower one between his lips before tugging on it. She was stunned again when he pulled away slightly to rest his forehead on hers instead of further pursuing the kiss.
The thing that got her the most though was how little it bothered her. She knew there would be time for more kisses later. Right now it was clear they just wanted to bask in each other’s company.

A few days later Chloe was in a pickle. Logan had taken off again, as he was known to do, leaving her without a teacher for the rest of the week. Normally someone would be able to pick up the slack but they were already running on low when it came to teachers, since the deaths of Charles, Scott and Jean, it was all she could do to ensure that there were teachers in each class. In the end she had come to one conclusion. It was time to put Oliver to work. She didn’t know how well he would do as a teacher but considering it was an ethics class, and he was one of the few heroes she had met that understood the shades of grey they had to walk a times, she felt it couldn’t be too bad.
Knocking quickly on his door she was surprised when he opened the door in only his boxers. Gasping she turned her back quickly, taken aback by how amazing his abs looked, and how much she wanted to keep looking at them.
“I need you to get dressed,” she called over her shoulder, “Something that looks a bit professional please. I’ll tell you when you’re ready.”
Hearing the door close behind her she breathed out a sigh of relief. She hadn’t been expecting him not to be dressed, it was after nine. She also wasn’t expecting her physical reaction. Sure it had been a while since she had been with anyone but that didn’t mean she should have this reaction. It was out of order. He wasn’t that hot. Sure he had some great abs but that meant nothing. Nothing at all.
Turning to smile when the door behind her opened, she was surprised to see him in a suit, “I didn’t mean that.”
“Well you said professional,” Oliver protested.
Rolling her eyes Chloe replied, “Take off the jacket and you’ll be fine.”
Waiting as he put the jacket back into his room she smiled as he left. “Better. Not as much of a business man, more of a teacher.”
Chloe nodded, “I know it’s a lot to ask but I need you teach the ethics class for the rest of the week, and run Logan’s ‘training sessions.”
“And where is Logan?”
“He left last night, he does it sometimes but this is the first time he has left us in the lurch like this.” Chloe sighed, “I would teach it myself but I have my own classes today and tomorrow.”
“Why can’t Ian do it?” Oliver asked.
Chloe raised her eyebrow at him, “Because Ian has to go to class to learn, not to teach. Anyway you will be perfect at this. You and Logan are very similar in temperament, and your beliefs in the ethics of heroes.”
“That they walk a grey line.”
Chloe nodded, “Exactly. Most heroes believe in black and white, they walk the white and villains walk the black. However that’s not the point of the ethics class. They need to know there is more to being a hero than that. That they may have to walk a shade of grey.” Sighing she continued, “I know this is a lot to ask but I’m hoping you’ll do it as a favour. Maybe you’ll really enjoy it.”
Oliver sighed, “I’m only doing this because I want you to owe me a favour.” He responded, “Is there anything else I need to know?”
“No,” Chloe said letting out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding onto, “Just talk about your experience, get them to start discussing, set some homework if you like,” shrugging she continued, “Don’t feel you have to answer all their questions but answer any you like. I’ll walk you to class?”
Oliver nodded, “You better.”
Impulsively she pressed a kiss to his cheek, “You’re my hero today. Thank you.”

Ian marvelled at the way Mia’s body and lips could feel against his. It had only been a few days, and he had only had a few girlfriends, but it was safe to say he had never felt this way about another girl before. Tugging on her top lip with his teeth, he slide his hand up her back and under her shirt. He couldn’t get enough of the way she made him feel. He wanted to taste, to touch, and to feel her forever. It was like he was dying of thirst and the only thing that could save him was her kisses.
It was ridiculous. It was totally absurd. He shouldn’t feel this way. He shouldn’t want to be around her all the time. He shouldn’t want to know her every thought, her every move, and he certainly shouldn’t want to just be in her presence. It was like he had gone love mad, which was silly cause it had only been a few days, maybe it was more like crush mad. He wanted, needed, and desired to be near her, even if they couldn’t make out. He wanted to sit next to her in their classes, he wanted to bump into her for no reason, hell he wanted to spar with her in training, even if she did beat him nine times out of ten.
It was crazy, but at least he got the impression that she wanted those things just as much as he did.
Whether it was just the fact that they were in deep lust with each other or not he couldn’t help how he felt. Moaning as he felt her bite down gently on his bottom lip he pushed his hand further up her back until it hit the base of her neck. Not wanting to spook her, he left his hand where it was before breaking his lips away from hers to place delicate kisses along the curve of her jaw and down to the base of her neck before stopping to suck lightly.
He was shocked when she pushed him away suddenly.
“What?” he asked, his breath coming out heavier than he intended it too.
“There’s something I need to tell you before we go any further.” Mia whispered, her voice sounding just as bad as his.
Removing his hand from under her shirt he pushed himself into an upright position before nodding, “Ok.”
“It didn’t mean that you have to move away,” Mia sighed.
Rolling his eyes Ian leaned back down, placed his arms around her back, before pulling her up with him so they were both seated. “I didn’t mean for it to be a bad thing,” he protested, “But you made it sound as if what you had to say was important. If it’s not noticeable, I wasn’t exactly thinking about anything that required any form of higher communication while down there.”
Mia giggled, slapping him softly on the arm, before wriggling herself backwards to put a little bit of space between them. “Well I wasn’t either,” she commented, “Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to try.”
“What did you want to tell me,” he whispered, “You better hurry up. Your lips are calling my name.”
“It’s serious,” she said, slapping him again on the shoulder. “I’m not ready to have sex for more than one reason.”
“Mia, we’ve only been doing this a few days,” Ian said with a laugh, “I’m not expecting sex.”
“Most guys expect sex.”
“When have I ever been most guys?” Ian replied with a sigh, “I’m not looking to get in your pants. I just really like you Mia, and I don’t want to ruin it. Hell if I didn’t think it would scare you away I would be ready to call you my girlfriend.”
“Who says that’s going to scare me away?”
“Most of the experience that I have says that girls don’t really like it when the boy wants to define the relationship too early.”
Mia laughed, “I’d love to be your girlfriend, and I don’t think it’s too soon. I can’t believe how crazy I am about you sometimes.”
“I’m just as crazy about you,” Ian replied, kissing her swiftly before continuing, “I’d love to be your boyfriend but I have the feeling that’s not the only reason you stopped us.”
“No,” Mia sighed, “There is another reason and since you’re my boyfriend I should tell you. Though I am scared it will mean that I’ll lose you.”
“Unless you’re about to tell me you’ve been making out with someone else as well as me then I think we’ll be fine.”
“Don’t promise that,” Mia argued, “You don’t know what it is yet.”
“Then tell me goof,” Ian whispered, pressing a fleeting kiss to her cheek.
“Ok. When I was a child I ran away from because my dad was abusive. I was twelve at the time. I was one the street for a while before I fell in love with a man. He ran a prostitution ring and he enlisted me into it. I didn’t leave until Oliver saved me. By then it was too late. I had contracted HIV from one of his clients.”
“Oh Mia,” Ian sighed, “I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with such hardship. I’m glad you told me though.”
“Without a doubt.”
“I just haven’t been with anyone since I learnt of the prognosis and I don’t want to put you at risk for no reason.” Mia sighed, “But if you need time to deal with it, that’s fine too. I’ll completely understand.”
“I don’t need time. I think we may need a plan though.” Ian said, “So we don’t do anything before you’re ready, and I think you need to tell Chloe.”
“She knows,” Mia replied breathing out a sigh of relief, “I didn’t even have to tell her, she already knew. She helps get my antiretroviral drugs.”
Ian nodded, “I’m glad. You should always have someone to talk to.”
“I do,” Mia whispered, “I’m surprised by how much I like it here.”
Laughing Ian tickled her, sending her into spirals of giggles, “Oh really. I’m not enough.”
“You defiantly are,” she sighed through fits of giggles, before pushing him away, “But I’m glad to have more than you. I have been so blessed that you found me and brought me here. Thank you.”
Ian shrugged, “You’re the one who let yourself want this.”
Mia shrugged, wrapping her hand around his neck, “There is one more thing I want,” she whispered before pulling him back into a kiss.
Pulling back slightly he said, “But we need to finish talking.”
“No more for today,” she whispered against his lips, “We will talk more later.”
“Ok,” he sighed, relenting relatively easily before sealing his lips over hers and letting himself be pulled back down on the bed.

“It was good to see you again Hal,” Chloe said as the man made his way down the front steps. Waiting until his car had left she turned and headed back inside, surprised to see Oliver standing in the doorway. “Hey.”
“What was Hal doing here?” Oliver asked.
Chloe sighed, she had hoped to put this off for a little while before having to break the news to Oliver. Clearly that wasn’t going to happen though.
“He wanted some help,” Chloe said, continuing when Oliver opened his mouth, “With League business.”
“Oh,” Oliver whispered, “Probably explains why he didn’t want to come see me.”
“Of course he wanted too,” Chloe protested, “But I told him you were teaching. I didn’t realise that class was over already.”
“It is twelve, I do have to force them out so they can eat.”
Laughing at his joke Chloe couldn’t help but agree. She hadn’t expected him to do so well but the students loved him. She wasn’t sure whether it was the fact that he had experience with what he was talking about or that he was brutally honest with them. Still the students fell over themselves to get him to answer their questions, whether they were about ethics or not, and his training sessions were constantly overcrowded as students wanted to spar with the legendary Green Arrow. Chloe was considering giving him another class, and keeping him on Logan’s duties even if the Wolverine did come back.
“Right,” Chloe said, heading through the door with Oliver, “I didn’t realise it had gotten so late.”
“Well you’re forgiven, Hal can be distracting.”
“Why thank you good sir. I’ve been waiting for your approval,” Chloe replied sarcastically, leading the way to her office. “While I have you though there are a few things we should talk about.” She continued, opening her office door and motioning him in.
When he was seated in the chair across from her Chloe filled him in. “Lex Luther is on the move. Apparently he is trying to ensure that all heroes have to reveal their identities, in light of what happened with you.”
Oliver sighed, “I was worried that he would try that.”
“Well he is and it could mean catastrophic things for the school, which is why Hal approached me.” Chloe replied, “He thinks that we could work as a collaborative team to ensure that Lex is stopped.”
Oliver nodded. He understood the logic in that, “What do you need from me?”
“Two things,” Chloe said, “Firstly I have something for you.” Pressing a button on the underside of her desk a panel slide out of the bookcase. Walking over to it she typed in the code to allow the bookcase to swing around and reveal the panels hidden behind. Moving back to her desk she watched for the expression on Oliver’s face. She was amused to see his amazement written so plainly across it.
“What is this?” he asked moving towards the revealed panel.
Smiling to herself Chloe watch as Oliver ran his hand over the glass of the panel. Behind it was a specially designed x-men suit. It was full body, like all the others, but there were some differences. It was sleeveless, had three straps that ran across the torso, holding the quiver in place, and down the right arm was an arm guard, to protect from the bow’s snap back. It was the traditional black and white suit that the x-men were now equipped with.
“I don’t understand,” Oliver whispered, not taking his eyes off the suit.
“Well I was thinking that if you ever wanted to get back into the hero business, you might want to do it as a member of the x-men.” When Oliver didn’t answer she continued, “Of course you don’t need to make a decision now. You could even help out with the Luther case if you like.”
“How can trust me to suit up again?”
Chloe sighed, “It’s not about whether or not I trust you. It’s about whether you trust yourself.” Stepping towards him she placed her hand on his upper arm, waiting til he looked at her, “I talked over with the other x-men before I commissioned it. They understand why you made the decisions you did and while they don’t agree with them they do think you deserve a second chance. I think you deserve a second chance.”
Without thinking Oliver raised his hand to her cheek and pressed a kiss to his lips. Later he won’t remember what it was that exactly inspired him in to kiss her but in that moment he knew he’d never been more touched by words that anyone else had ever said to him.
When he pulled back he regained his sense, “I’m so sorry,” he babbled. “I don’t know-” before he could continue Chloe surprised him right back, pulling him back into sealing their lips together.
Moving on instinct she wrapped her arms around his neck, moving her lips alongside his and allowing his arms to sweep her up. Wrapping her legs around his waist she wasn’t surprised when her bottom was hitting the desk. Sweeping her arm behind her she let go of his lips to ensure that there was nothing left behind her that could hurt. Turning back around she placed her hand on his cheek.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” he whispered, his voice husky from their previous acts.
Not needing anymore encouragement Oliver returned his lips to hers. Tugging her lower lip in his mouth, Oliver let his hands push her skirt up her legs as she let out a breathy moan. Letting go of her lips he trailed his own down her jaw and neck until he hit her clavicle. Sucking gently he moved one of his hands to her shirt as she started to push back his own. Realising his hands from her body and lifting his head, he let his shirt fall to the ground behind him before pulling off the singlet that he wore underneath it. Before returning to his ministrations he pushed her shirt off onto the desk behind her before lifting her gently to bunch her skirt up to her waist.
Wasting no time he dropped his lips to the top of her right breast sucking gently at first until he could hear her breathy moans. Manoeuvring the cup of her bra out of the way he sucked her nipple into his mouth before biting down gently. Smiling at the groan she let out he continued his task as his left hand came up to play with her left nipple through her bra. His right hand dropped to her thigh, running along, backwards and forwards, getting closer to her hole each time. Chuckling lightly as she whined and writhed beneath him he conceded to what she wanted.
Pushing her underwear aside he swept his fingers along her vagina, reaching for her clit, before rubbing gently. Switching his mouth to the other breast he smiled as her hands finally sort action. She ran them down his chest before unbuckling his belt and pushing them out of the way. It obviously wasn’t enough for her though as she dipped her hand beneath the waist line of his briefs before circling to his butt, squeezing gently before using it to manoeuvring him forward, clearly wanting more.
Chuckling he whispered, “Someone wants to get it on.”
“What can I say,” Chloe breathed out, “It’s been a long time since someone’s touched me like this. Let alone made it feel so good,” she moaned lightly in his ear before pulling the lobe into her mouth and biting down gently.
“Well I hope I don’t disappoint.”
Smiling as she pushed his briefs down he was surprised when she pulled away to lean over her desk. Reaching into the top draw she pulled out a condom before integrating herself back into their activities. Pushing the contraception into his hand she brought her other one up to his cheek, pulling him back into a searing kiss. Moaning himself Oliver was surprised when her hand dropped to his cock and ran over it lightly, pumping a few times before he pushed her away to roll down the condom.
Once firmly in place Oliver didn’t waste any time. Sure he enjoyed foreplay, he loved pleasuring women over and over again, but right now he just wanted to be in her. It was selfish, sure, but if she let him he’d make it up to her later. Right now he was just taking what he needed.
Capturing her lips in his he tugged on her bottom lip while making sure her underwear was out of the way. The moment she moaned at what he was doing he pushed in in one swift movement. Smiling when she gasped he let his fingers tug at her left nipple as he let her become accustomed to the feel of him inside her.
Growling in frustration Chloe gasped at him, “If you don’t start moving soon I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands.”
Laughing he started moving. There was no real finesse to his actions. It was solely about getting both of them off and given the noises she was making it was clearly working for her. Placing one hand onto the desk he used the other to grab her hips and tilt them up, allowing him to penetrate further, making Chloe squeal out, “Oh God, yes,” as he continued to push in and out of her.
“Oliver,” Chloe gasped, surprised at the feelings he was eliciting from her, “Oh God, just like that.” She moaned, “Please, I’m so close.” Reaching up with her right hand she started playing with her right nipple, as she pushed her hips back against his.
Growling himself Oliver continued pushing, increasing his speed, wanting more, faster. He dropped his mouth over her hand playing with her right nipple, sucking and biting both in tandem as her cries of ecstasy grew louder until the moment the noise got stuck in her throat, and she fluttered around him. Pausing he waited a few moments, until she stopped fluttering and her breath starting to return to normal. Then he bit harshly onto the breast in his mouth, tugging it, as his hips started slamming away again and his right hand drop to her clit, rubbing in circles and tugging, until he felt her breath start to pick up again, and her cries pick up.

Pausing for a moment to let her catch back up he slammed into her twice more before spilling into her as she cried out in pleasure a second time. Placing a delicate kiss onto her nipple, he realised it from his mouth before moving his head forward and dropping his forehead onto hers. Sighing his hips slowed before he stopped, staying inside her, while waiting for both their heart rates to return to normal.
“And I didn’t even get to tell you the second thing,” Chloe joked.

Lex Luther laughed at the scene he saw before him. He never expected to see Chloe Sullivan make the decision she just did. When they knew each other she never would have fallen for the charms of someone like Oliver Queen. How the mighty had fallen.
Watching them lying over her desk at Xavier’s he wasn’t surprised that the event had happened, he was just surprised that he’d been watching the hidden camera at the time. For all her smarts he was surprised that Chloe hadn’t realised that there was a camera in her office. The minute Oliver and his side kick had decided to stay at the school Lex knew there was a need for it. He had paid off a janitor, who was retiring, to plant one small camera on a shelf that Chloe didn’t use.
He also knew that his advocacy for a new bill, forcing heroes to strip themselves of their masks for the world, would have the Justice League running to her, especially when he used Oliver as his bait. He was surprised when it took them twelve hours to get in contact with Xavier’s though. He had expected it to be instantaneous, but it showed how little trust or respect the League had for Oliver.
Clearly Chloe didn’t feel the same way. Allowing that man to fuck her like a whore made Lex lose any respect he had for her. He couldn’t wait to bring down everything she had been building. It was time Chloe learnt this was what happened to people who sold their bodies to Oliver Queen.
The League and Xavier’s weren’t going to last the week.

“Is that all you got Archer?” Mia panted, circling him on the mat.
It was funny. She had loved training with Connor and Dinah once upon a time, even with Oliver, but that was nothing compared to the limits she was forced to go to try and beat Ian. The boy’s power meant she had to change her thinking in an instant, she couldn’t stick to the same pattern. She was forced to think of new combos on the spot, just in the hopes of tripping him up. Sure there were times when they sparred and Ian didn’t use his powers but she thought it was more fun when he did.
It was something she hadn’t expected from Xavier’s, for them to be able to push her beyond her limits, but they had and no matter how surprising it was she was grateful. The school had turned into so much more for her than she thought it could. It really was a sanctuary. She felt safe, at home, and that she had the ability to be herself here.
And there was Ian. He was incredible. He took pleasure in helping to push her over her limits but back off the moment she asked him to. He was considerate and when she had shared her deepest secret with him he still wanted to be around her. It just made her like him more, which she hadn’t realised was possible.
“Bring it Dearden, I can match anything you give,” he taunted.
Moving lightly forward on the balls of her toes she stepped forward, faking a right hook before shooting out her left leg. Unsurprisingly his hand came down, grabbing her ankle, before using her own force against her and slamming her into the ground. Breathing out a heavy sigh she jumped up, surprised to see blood dripping onto the mat, forcing her to move away from Ian.
“Grab a towel for me,” she replied with a staggering breath, “And don’t touch the blood.”
Nodding Ian ran across the room for a towel just as Oliver and Chloe were entering the room.
“Oh my god Mia,” Chloe cried, moving towards the girl carefully, “Are you ok?”
Mia nodded, “Yeah I think so.”
Sighing Chloe moved towards the first aid kit, pulling on gloves before grabbing the antiseptic wipes. Smiling at Ian as he passed Mia the towel she said to him, “Go get the janitor. This matt needs to be cleaned then removed and burned. We can’t take any chances.”
“I’ll go with you,” Oliver offered.
Waiting til both boys had left she turned to Mia, “What happened?” she asked as she wiped clean the cut on the girls forehead.
“We were sparing,” Mia sighed, “He slammed me on the ground, a normal move. I must have hit the ground wrong.”
Chloe nodded, “Ok. No ones in trouble but we have to know what happened so we can try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Especially when you’re training.”
Mia breathed out a sigh of relief that she didn’t realise she had been holding in. This was the first time that she had bled at Xavier’s and she was worried that Chloe would she the danger she possessed and remove her from the premises. Instead the older woman cleaned and bandaged the wound before collecting all the bloody items and placing them in a bag, dropping it on top of the matt that the janitor was currently removing.
“Take them to the incinerator please,” Chloe instructed while packing up the first aid kit. Once he had nodded his compliance and left Chloe turned to the teens. “While that was interesting it’s not why we came to find you.”
“What’s up?” Ian asked grabbing a towel to wipe the sweat from his brow before taking a drink of water from his bottle.
“We’ve been approached by the Justice League to help out on their latest mission and I want you two to come with the x-men and myself to the meeting.” Chloe stated, crossing her arms over her chest.
Mia raised an eyebrow, “But not Oliver?”
Chloe sighed, looking briefly at Oliver before answering, “That will be his choice but he knows if he comes it will be as a member of the x-men.”
“I have a uniform and everything if I want it,” Oliver said with a shrug.
“Good, then I’m in,” Mia said with a nod, “There was no way I was planning to go anywhere near them without Oliver, not after what happened.”
“I understand that. I think that Oliver deserves a second chance, and I think a team environment like the x-men could help with that. Plus he is a damn good teacher,” Chloe replied with a grin, “If it’s settled we’ll meet at the jet at 9 am.”
“We’ll be there,” Ian replied with a nod.

The next morning Chloe wasn’t surprised when she went into her office to get her laptop to find Oliver there. He was pulling on the armbands of the uniform she had made him. She had used the basic design of his old costume with a few modifications. Obviously it was team colours, and there was straps for attaching his quiver. The holes in his belt so he could clip on any gadgets that he needed. She knew when she first proposed putting him on the team that it could be a huge risk, after all he would be the only non-powered hero in the squad but she was glad that the team felt so inclusive of him after such a small time.
“So you’ve made your decision,” Chloe said, leaning against the door frame.
Turning sharply Oliver nodded, “Yeah. I think I’ve missed being a hero.”
“Good, we’ll look after you until you find your footing,” Chloe said moving forward and running a hand down his arm.
Smiling at her he grabbed her hand in his, pressing a kiss to it before leaning down and whispering in her ear, “How do I look?”
“Well you’re not ugly,” she chuckled before pushing him back, “But last time we were this close in here it lead to things.”
“Things that were lots of fun,” Oliver replied, temptation rip in his voice.
Laughing Chloe nodded, “It was but there is no time for that now. I just came for my laptop. If we’re not there in five minutes someone will come searching. I don’t know about you but I’d prefer no one knows that happened, let alone whether or not there is a repeat.”
“I’m down for a repeat if you are.” Oliver replied before placing a fleeting kissed on her lips and stepping away. “Of course next time I plan to take my time. Make you come more than twice.”
Letting out a breathy giggle Chloe rolled her eyes before circling the desk and grabbing her laptop. “What we did was fun,” she said, not looking at him, “But I don’t normally do casual sex. Sex for me isn’t casual.”
Oliver shrugged, “If you change your mind let me know.”
“I will,” Chloe whispered, “Because it was mind blowing casual sex but I don’t think I will. You’re a great guy Oliver.”

“How are you feeling?” Ian asked Mia, as he adjusted his the belt on his suit. He didn’t suit up often as a member of the x-men because of his age but when he did Chloe made sure he looked the part. They had entered the jet separately that morning, but Ian knew she was probably freaking out.
Turning she gave him a tight smile, “Hey. I’m ok.”
Ian laughed, “Which means you are nervous as hell. Don’t forget, I know you Dearden.”
“I won’t,” Mia said with a nod, “And I am. I haven’t seen any of these Lian’s funeral. It didn’t go well,” she sighed, “I don’t know if this is going to go well either.”
“You can only take what you get?” Ian replied with a shrug before moving into the jet.
“You realise that’s the stupidest thing to say.”
Ian nodded, “Yeah but I wasn’t going for brilliance.”
“Then what were you going for? Idiocy?” Mia asked, “Because I can tell you now, you got it.”
“Who’s got what,” Suki asked as she board the jet from behind them.
“Ian has caught a case of the stupid,” Mia informed.
“I doubt it,” Gabe called from behind them, “My man never has a case of the idiots.”
Laughing Mia allowed her three friends to dominate the conversation as she observed. It wasn’t surprising that Suki and Gabe were joining them on their trip. Gabe’s hyper suasion, while always getting him in trouble, was an asset, and Suki’s mimicry was outstanding. The amount of times she had been tricked were heading towards triple figures. What was surprising is that neither of them had on an x-men uniform. When she had gotten back to her room last night, after dinner with Ian and their friends, she was surprised to see the uniform laid out for her. Ian had shrugged it away, pointing out that he had one too and clearly she should wear it tomorrow. So she had. She wasn’t expecting to be the only other student with it on though.
An even more surprising fact happened after that though. While she listened absentmindedly as Gabe joked and pushed Ian around and Suki rolled her eyes, Oliver and Chloe entered the jet. The fact they were together wasn’t surprising, they had been spending a lot of time together since Oliver had started teaching, but now Mia was sure they were either hooking up or would be soon. No, what was surprising was the fact that Oliver entered the jet decked out in an x-men uniform. It was similar to hers, they both had quivers attached to their backs and slots for their bows to hang from their belts, hers only had one hook on the belt his had three, and all three had bows dangling from them. There was even a small, compact cross bow hanging there to her surprise.
Noticing the look on her face Oliver shrugged, “Chloe convinced me to do it.” He said before heading over to her and placing a kiss on her forehead, “I think she just doesn’t want to carry it herself.”
Chloe rolled her eyes and shrugged, “It clashes with my outfit.” Smacking him on the arm as she walked past she gave Ian a quick smile before entering the cock pit, “Are we almost ready to go?”
Ororo nodded, “Yes, I’m just finishing the last safety checks. Luckily Bobby’s come along to help out, I’d be lost without him,” she said with a roll of her eyes.
“I know the feeling,” Chloe joked back, “Everyone’s here if you want to commence shutting the rear door.”
Nodding Ororo pulled on her mic and said, “Can all passengers please move to their seats and buckle up. We’ll be underway in two minutes.”
Moving swiftly to her seat Mia wasn’t surprised when Ian took the one next her. Reaching out and grabbing his hand she gave it a squeeze, “Thank you.”
“What for?” Ian asked.
“For distracting me,” Mia replied, “I didn’t think it was possible but I’m glad you did.”
“I’d do anything for you,” he whispered back.
“I know,” she said, “And I’d do anything for you.”
“Well aren’t we just two peas in a pod,” Ian joked.

“I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else.” Mia responded before laying her head on his shoulder and waiting for the plan to take them back to a place that she had finally moved past.

Part 3