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Arrow cast


Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss

It seems, once again, that you're stuck between a rock and a crazy place

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Fic: For you, I'd risk it all, Chloe/Oliver Mia/Ian, NC-17 Part 3
Arrow cast
Fic title: For you, I’d risk it all (Part 3 of 3)
Author name: isdon_isgood9
Artistname: ctbn60
Beta: Haven’t heard back from them 
Genre: (rps, het, gen, etc.) het
Pairing and/or characters: Chloe/Oliver, Ian/Mia, past Oliver/Dinah
Rating: NC17
Word count: 18,437
Warnings: (delete if not applicable) Sex scene, unknown voyeurism
Summary: After murdering Prometheus Oliver is lost, unsure of what to do, and Mia has been thrown into turmoil. Lucky there is a blond ready to help them out.
Note: This is a Smallville, X-men, and Tower Prep fusion story that has used elements from the Green Arrow comics, even though I’ve never actually read them :D

Link to art:

Part 1   Part 2

It wasn’t until they were actually inside Justice League headquarters, and she could feel the tension coming off some of the members, that Chloe thought she had made a wrong decision to bring Oliver. It only lasted a second but that was long enough to make her feel bad about herself. She knew his history, what had happened and the results, she just didn’t expect some of them to still be holding such a grudge. Of course it when she asked Mia who those people were she realised why they still felt that way. Dinah obviously was still in love with Oliver, which made her hatred burn bright, because she didn’t want to be. Clearly she was still yearning for the man that Oliver was not who he had become. Bruce was a little different to decipher. It wasn’t until halfway through the meeting that she realised he was in love with Dinah and hated Oliver on principal more than what he had done. He obviously couldn’t understand why Dinah was still crazy for Oliver. Chloe could though.
The kind of love that made you get married wasn’t erased easily, she had seen it enough through the years. Even felt it herself. There was a brief moment when she had almost married and it was that love that always made her regret not go through with the wedding in her weakest moments. Being alone was hard, especially when there was someone you could be loving around. It was a decision that some people had to make though. No one forced her into her decision and no one forced Dinah to make hers.
It did leave a lot of questions as to how the team was run though. If they could get so frustrated and angry with each other than how did they get any work done? The members of the x-men were forced to live and work in such close confinements that any anger dissipated after a sparring match in the gym. The whole school enjoyed the experience and it meant that the staff weren’t at each other’s throats in the hallways.
Leaning over the computer she pointed to a picture on the screen. “That one,” she said, getting Barbara to stop at that place. Clicking on it they were lead to a screen that filled with propaganda.
Barbara shrugged, “You see what I see?”
“Obviously not,” Chloe whispered, “Let me at the keyboard for a moment.”
Pulling the keyboard so it was in front of her Chloe let her fingers fly. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was about that page that had peaked her curiosity. Working for a few moments she was distracted by a yell behind her.
“Get over it! I made my choice!”
Spinning she sighed when she saw Oliver and Dinah standing together, both with annoyed looks on their faces. Turning to Barbara she said, “Do see what I’m getting at here?” When the other woman nodded Chloe slide her back the keyboard, so she could continue her work, before heading over to the pair.
Not even bothering to ask questions she grabbed Oliver by the ear and pulled him away, ignoring all the protests that he was making. Once she reached the workstation she had been with she let him go, giving him a second to rub at his ear, before clipping him on the head twice.
“I did not bring you here so you could get into a fight with them. I brought you so you could help,” Chloe hissed, “Since you don’t seem to be able to do that over there you are now attached to my hip til I say otherwise.”
“Okay,” Oliver whispered, “I’m sorry.”
“Damn right you should be sorry. I trust you to be a good hero, now you need to prove not just to me, but to everyone, that my trust isn’t misplaced. Think about what this looks like to everyone else and stop letting them undermine you and undermine my team.”
Oliver nodded before dropping into the seat next to her. He hadn’t meant to let the words Dinah was saying get to him but he couldn’t help it. In so many ways they were things he said to himself every day.
“Got it,” Barbara called, forcing Chloe to take her eyes off Oliver and back to the task at hand.
Nodding she said, “Just what I thought. The photo’s hiding a message.”
“Pity it’s not more helpful,” Barbara replied with a roll of her eyes.
Chloe smiled turning to the other woman, “But it is helpful.” She replied, “He wants to taunt us. He wants to put these breadcrumbs out so we think we’re on the right track but it’ll mean that –”
“He’ll have left some clues, somewhere,” Barbara replied, lifting both hands over her head. “Now to find them, and whilst your hacking skills are pretty good mine are better.”
Chloe raised her hands in surrender, “It’s all yours. I’ve got my own job.”
Smiling Chloe lead Oliver into the kitchen, calling to Ian and Mia when she noticed them talking with Dinah. Turning on the coffee machine she pulled down a mug and filled it with coffee before turning to face the trio beyond her.
“So who’s going to explain themselves first?” Chloe asked. When all three started talking in unison she shook her head and held up a hand to halt her. “Alright let’s try this again. Oliver?”
“I let her get under my skin. It won’t happen again,” Oliver replied, his eyes cast towards the ground.
Nodding Chloe said, “I hope not otherwise you’ll be back in the jet until we go back, then that suit you’re wearing will be locked up until I think you deserve it again.”
“Fair enough,” Oliver whispered.
“It’s not Oliver’s fault. Dinah knew what she was saying would press his buttons. I couldn’t let her get away with it.” Mia argued.
Chloe raised her eyebrow, “So while I was telling Oliver off like naughty school boy you decided you would take matters into your own hands.”
“Yes,” Mia replied, “And I don’t regret it.”
“As incredible as your loyalty for Oliver is I don’t condone this. I’m not sure I’ve the right decision bringing you along anymore Mia. Go near Dinah again and consider yourself expelled.”
“Seriously,” Ian called out.
“I’m dead serious. I don’t care if this is hard for you at the moment Mia, we have more important things to deal with.” Chloe sighed, “I can’t be moderating your fight with a woman you haven’t seen in months. Keep it to yourself and don’t go near her.”
“That’s so stupid,” Mia huffed.
“But I think it’s the only way you’re going to listen to me,” Chloe said with a shrug, “Now you and Oliver go and sit with Barbara and don’t say anything to anyone who isn’t from Xavier’s. Ian and I need to talk.”
Rolling her eyes and stomping her foot Mia left the room, quickly followed by Oliver who nodded to Chloe in understanding. Waiting until they had both left she rounded on Ian.
“Why are you getting in the middle of their dispute?”
Ian shrugged, “I care about Mia. That’s it. I care about her and I want to have her back. Always. Don’t you want to have Oliver’s back?”
“I have both their backs,” Chloe replied, “But I don’t have to agree with them to do that. My job, and your job, is to our team and if they are going to become members of that team they need to understand the way that we do things here. They can’t hold onto that anger forever. It will destroy them if they try.”
“But if we care about them the way we do then we have to help, and there back when they fall.” Ian argued, “I don’t get why you don’t see that.”
“We care about the two of them in different ways,” Chloe sighed.
“I don’t think we do. I think I’m in love with Mia and I think you could be in love with Oliver.” Ian replied, “And I know you. You saved me Chloe, from myself, from the world, but I won’t be here forever and you need to start turning your blinders off. You need someone, even if you don’t want to admit it.”
“Well I don’t,” Chloe said with a shrug, “And the same condition goes for you. I see you with Mia, helping her fight her battles, and I’ll expel you, from both Xavier’s and the x-men.”
Ian nodded, “If that’s the way you want to do it then fine.”
Sighing as he left the kitchen she whispered to no one in particular, “I’m really sorry it is.”

Mia plopped herself down in the chair a desk away from Barbara and folded her arms in anger. She couldn’t believe that Chloe was acting this way. It wasn’t her fault that Dinah was being a bitch to Oliver but she couldn’t let the other woman get away with it. Sure Oliver was his own worst enemy, and they had every right to be angry, but there was no need for there to be so strict with them. She wasn’t a child after all.
Turning to glare at Oliver when he moved a seat next to her she couldn’t help but say, “I don’t see what you like in her.”
Raising an eyebrow Oliver replied, “Really? Cause that’s not what you were saying the other day.”
“Well she’s a different person here.”
Oliver chuckled, “This is no worse than when she threatened to expel you for not going to class. The only difference is that you can’t see she’s right.”
“Well Dinah was being a bitch and you were getting in trouble for it.”
“That’s not the point,” Oliver sighed, “I knew things weren’t going to be easy. I shouldn’t have let her get to me. I know who I can trust in this game now and it’s not her. It’s you, it’s Chloe and it’s Ian. It’s the x-men team and the students at Xavier’s. I feel like even though we’ve only been there a month it’s been great for us.”
“I agree,” Mia whispered, “I don’t think I could leave now even if I wanted too.”
“It’s a good thing you don’t then.”
“That’s not the point,” Oliver sighed, “I knew things weren’t going to be easy. I shouldn’t have let her get to me. I know who I can trust in this game now and it’s not her. It’s you, it’s Chloe and its Ian. It’s the x-men team and the students at Xavier’s. I feel like even though we’ve only been there a month it’s been great for us.”
“I agree,” Mia whispered, “I don’t think I could leave now even if I wanted too.”
“It’s a good thing you don’t need to then,” Oliver said, “I want to stay and I want you to stay with me. You need to have an education and I’m really enjoying being a teacher.”
“Are you sure it’s not just Chloe you enjoy being with?”
“Nothing is happening there. She’s just a good friend.”
Mia raised her eyebrow at him, “Are you sure? Because I’m fairly certain that you at least like her if you’re not already knocking boots.”
Oliver sighed, he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to deny either of Mia’s remarks. He did care about Chloe and if they had met sooner he would probably be pursuing her. Too much had happened to him so he had decided he would take what he could get. He would be her friend, give her benefits when she wanted them or needed them and when she found someone to be with he would step aside, be a friend again. The fact that she had let him fuck her once was more than what he had ever thought he would get. She deserved so much better than him and he was sure she knew it too.
“It’s not that simple,” Oliver whispered, “I’ll always need her friendship. She’s made me realise so much about myself. I’ll always be content if we’re just friends but I can’t risk her becoming like Dinah is now. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”
“But what if you don’t stuff it up,” Mia replied.
Oliver didn’t get much time to contemplate Mia statement though as Barbara shouted out in glee. Standing he moved to see what she had discovered. Glancing over her shoulder her saw what looked like a simple document.
“What have you found?” he asked confused.
“The document that Lex wants the politicians to sign. There’s a hidden clause that says that Clark and Diana need to be handed over and placed into a secure facility. That they’re a threat no matter who their hidden alter egos are.”
“And with them gone the Justice League falls apart,” Oliver finished.
“Then the x-men will too,” Chloe stated as she re-joined the room, “Lex obviously knows I’ll do whatever it takes to save Clark. I’ve only done it a million times in the past.”
“Well we need to stop him,” Oliver replied.
Chloe nodded, “Let’s start planning.”

Walking into the room Oliver squared his shoulders and pulled his jacket straight. He only had one chance to get this right. He had to prove he could do it. Letting the doors slam closed behind him he smiled when the politicians, and Lex, jumped. “Now I’m here I guess we can get started.”
“I didn’t realise you were invited,” Lex sneered, “And this is a closed meeting.”
“I’ve just opened it,” Oliver replied with a shrug, “I bring a counter offer.”
Martin, the balding minister of public affairs, “Then let’s hear it Mr Queen. Nothing has been set in stone.”
Oliver nodded, silently thanking the man for being in the room, “Instead of forcing other heroes to reveal their identities so you can charge them for their crimes, you just charge me.”
Smiling as the room gasped at the offer Oliver took a seat and waited for the rest of the plan to unfold.
“That’s absurd,” Lex yelled, standing and pounding his fist on the table. “You have your own charges to face. If we let you go away for every hero’s crime you’d be in prison for the rest of your life.”
Oliver nodded, “I know but I accept that fate. It’s my fault that any of us have been placed in this position in the first place. It’s only fair that I take the punishments.”
“But, Mr Queen, half the offences a judge wouldn’t convict on anyway. We’d be laughed out of office if we didn’t let the smaller things go,” Colin replied.
Oliver smiled. He had always liked Colin. Whilst he was one of the younger politicians he had a level head and saw reason quickly. Oliver has known he would be easy to sway.
“So why propose the bill at all?” Oliver asked him.
“Because of what you did,” Colin replied with a shrug, “We might be ok with letting these so called heroes get away with smaller, localised threats, robbery’s and such, but we can’t let them get away with murder.”
“Then why not just do what you did with me, if any of those heroes murder someone, like I did, you unmask them. Before that though you leave them to their business with their identities in tack.” Oliver argued, “Knowing the name of the person who’s trying to take them down will make the criminals on the streets cockier then they already are.”
“He raises a good point,” Martin conceded.
“That he might, but we shouldn’t be listen to the man who made this necessary.” Peter was always going to be the hardest. He had been in politics a long time and had always been elected for his hard stance on crime. Oliver had known he wouldn’t be easy to sway, Peter wouldn’t be looking for his advice on anything in fear that it would make him look weak in front of his constituents.
He wouldn’t be needed though if Oliver would sway the other two politicians in the room. Peter and Lex would have to mourn what they couldn’t have later. Now Oliver had some heroes to save.

“Are you sure you can do this?” Chloe whispered, reaching up to straighten his tie. She was worried that he wouldn’t be able to convince the politicians of what needed to be done. Of course she knew that Oliver was able to be very persuasive when he wanted too, but these politicians would be looking past that and only seeing the murderer he was. Lex being in the room wouldn’t help but she hoped that the fake information she had planted would be enough to throw off the scent. Despite what Lex may have thought she knew there was a hidden camera in her office and she knew better than to do the important team work anywhere near her office. Of course she hadn’t meant to have sex with Oliver there but since it wasn’t planned she let him have that ammunition. It wouldn’t affect this at all. Everyone knew that Oliver had a way with women, it wasn’t new or vital. She would just have to live with Lex having seen her naked.
“I’ll be fine Chloe,” he whispered, “I’m sorry it has to happen like this.”
“Don’t talk like your never coming back,” she sighed.
Oliver shrugged, “I may not be and I’m prepared for that. I’m just sad to have to leave this place. I’ve learnt so much about myself here, thanks to you.”
“You don’t have to thank me for anything Ollie. You’re the one who wanted to so the work.”
Oliver gave a hollow laugh, “That’s the first time you’ve called me Ollie. I’m glad you finally got there.”
“Well I didn’t have time to get you a farewell present.”
Nodding Oliver glanced down the stairs to see Mia and Ian waiting, “I guess I should go say goodbye to her too.”
“I wish there was another way,” Chloe whispered before stepping forward and placing her arms around his waist.
Returning her hug he took a deep breath before whispering in her ear, “I could have really cared about you Chloe.”
“Me too,” she whispered back before letting him go down the stairs.
Not saying anything as she watched Oliver hug Mia she let Ian pull her in for a hug of her own as Oliver left the mansion and shut the door behind him.

“So you all agree that these heroes can do what the cops aren’t equipped to. You think they’re necessary and you don’t have to pay for them, but you still want to know who they are even though it puts them at risk,” Oliver said, trying to ensure he had the politician’s point of views straight.
“Essentially.” Peter replied, ‘We don’t need another hero to murder someone or completely destroy a city.”
“Even though it will put them at risk in their everyday dealings and there’s no clause to ensure that the cops don’t abuse the fact they’ll know. What’s to stop them from pulling any hero in when something goes wrong, just because they’re in the area?”
“Nothing,” Martin conceded, “But our law enforcement is allowed to hold anyone on suspicion. That already includes heroes.”
“Yes but how many heroes have they really have access too.” Oliver argued, “After all once the hero leaves the scene there’s no real way to track them down. This will change that. Can’t you imagine it? Criminals will be pressing charges against heroes. You’ll essentially turn the cops from distant allies to the people forced to hunt us down.”
“He makes a good point,” Colin replied with a nod, “Surely there’s a way to write it in that their identities can’t be used against them?”
“There isn’t,” Lex stated. “Besides this is what we wanted. Heroes to be accountable.
“But not for them to put at risk,” Oliver pointed out. “You everyone to know who they are and what they’re doing. Then you expect these heroes to keep doing it, even though you’ve just made it less safe for them to be out there.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Peter argued, “We made our decision before you arrived. I don’t think you’ve convinced any of us.”

“You’re not the man I remember,” Dinah whispered.
Oliver rolled his eyes and kept his back to her, “I’m not supposed to talk to you.”
“What blondie got you on a leash?”
“She doesn’t need me causing problems for her team.”
Dinah nodded, “Still I can’t believe that this is who you are now.”
“Time heals all,” Oliver replied softly.
“Where was this man when we were married?” she whispered, almost afraid to ask.
“He didn’t exist. He wasn’t the man you married,” Oliver said with a shrug, “I didn’t know it then but I wasn’t ready to be a husband, I didn’t know what it would mean.”
“Are you ready now?”
“Dinah we’re divorced, there’s nothing to save.”
“With this man there could be,” she argued.
“But there isn’t. I became this because of the divorce. I became this because I needed to let it go. I can’t enter that world with you again. I can’t be here and you don’t belong at Xavier’s.”
“I think this has something to do with blondie.”
Oliver shock his head, “Actually it doesn’t. Sure I care about her more than I should but that doesn’t influence this at all. I just know we don’t work and if we tried again I’d go back to the crappy man I was. I don’t want that. Neither do you. We should just leave well enough alone.”
Dinah nodded, “Guess it was nostalgia talking.”
“I guess so.”

“How about your son and ward? Lex asked, “How do we stop you heroes from training up another generation that is more skilled and powerful than you were. When does the hero crisis stop?”
“There is no crisis,” Oliver replied calmly. He had been expecting this. Chloe had said that Lex would try to use Connor and Mia against him. “Heroes’ do what they need to and sometime they get sidekicks.”
“So you’re saying your sidekick is your son?” Peter asked.
“I am not and he is not,” Oliver replied, “His mother would never allow it.”
“But he did have a relationship with a villain?” Lex pointed out.
Smiling he was glad to have finally gotten to one of the pitfalls Chloe had planted for him in her office. “Who he dates is his own business. I don’t have the power to stop him and Connor didn’t know that she was a villain. I didn’t know that’s who she was either.”
“Still you let it happen,” Lex argued.
“He’s a grown man. Sadly I don’t possess the ability to tell him what to do anymore,” Oliver replied with a shrug, “He isn’t the point though.”
“You’re right,” Lex said with a nod, “But I’ve been thinking, we should add a clause to the bill. That heroes aren’t allowed to have children or wards of the state. Because I believe you’re not the only one. The leader of the x-men has a ward as well.
“She does,” Oliver said with a nod, waiting to see where he was going.
“Obviously there heroes are taking advantage of orphaned or wayward street children, teaching them there was the setting them lose on the world.” Lex argued, “It’s time to put a stop to that and the only way to ensure it doesn’t keep happening is to know who they are. Then we’ll be able to put a stop to them poisoning out youth.”

“You need to create doubt,” Clark said after Chloe and Barbara had laid out there plan.
Oliver nodded, “Do we know who the politicians are? That will help me figure out who to target and how to get to them.”
“We’re overlooking something,” Hal stated, his arms crossed and lying on his chest, “In order for Oliver to get in he has to put his own freedom on the line.”
Oliver shrugged, “If I had been thinking a little more when the whole Prometheus dilemma went down we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. It’s a bullet I’m willing to take.”
“Even if you don’t come back,” Mia whispered.
“It’s something I have to do kid,” Oliver replied, moving across the room to lay a hand on the teens shoulder. “If I don’t come back, you’ll be signed over to Chloe and be able to stay at Xavier’s. You’ll be safe.”
“I don’t want to be safe,” Mia argued, “I want us to be a family. That doesn’t work when you’re locked up for everyone else’s crimes.”
“It’s the only way Mia,” Chloe whispered, “And I’m sorry about that. No one forced Oliver into this though. He made the choice by himself.”
“I could just go,” Gabe argued, “I could just use my hyper suasion to get them to throw the bill away.”
“Firstly your underage and only here cause I allow it,” Chloe said. “Then there’s the fact you’re not actually a member of the x-men or the justice league, you’re just a student at the school. Lastly if they suspect for a minute that anyone is using powers on them then they will be more determined to pass the bill.”
“I’m smoother than that,” Gabe argued.
“Not really,” Ian said with a shake of his head.
“I think it’s settled,” Barbara interjected. “Oliver’s willing and that’s the only person who matters in this case.”
“She’s right,” Oliver said with a nod, “I’ll crash there meeting tomorrow morning and I won’t leave until the bill is changed or thrown out.”

“So it’s taking advantage of them to give them a good home. Security. A bed to sleep in and an education. A future,” Oliver argued.
“There’s no future with heroes.” Lex shot back.
“No,” Oliver replied, a calm tone in his voice, “There’s no future without heroes.”
“Well some of us don’t agree with that Oliver,” Peter pointed out.
Oliver smiled. This was the moment he’d been waiting for. “You might not but if I were you I’d be careful about letting Lex add anything extra to that document.”
“We’ve all read the document Oliver,” Colin reasoned, “We know what’s in it.”
“Have you read the new draft?” Oliver asked. When the three of them shook their heads he smiled, “Well if you turn to page 17 you’ll see what I’m referring to.”
Waiting for the three men to read the new clause Oliver wasn’t surprised when they gasped in unison.
“This is absurd.”
“You can’t do that!”
“You won’t get away with this Luther.”
Smiling Oliver continued, “Well I guess that’s not a good clause. Of course you wouldn’t want him to get any interest, or money from this, and if that hasn’t completely changed your mind there are new clauses on pages 2, 14, 22, and 27. One of which states that Lex can perform any experiments on any hero he likes so that he can figure out their powers, and how to harvest them for himself.”
“It does not say that!” Lex yelled, slamming his fist onto the table and standing.
“Well, no,” Oliver conceded, “Not the last part but I assume that’s why you want to experiment on heroes.”
Martin nodded, “I’ve heard enough. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I move to throw this bill out and not think about another bill for a while. Heroes should unmask themselves when they are ready.”
“I agree,” Colin said with a nod. “Furthermore we shouldn’t consider bills from Mr Luther anymore.”
“Agreed,” Martin replied, “Are you with us Peter?”
“I have no choice,” Peter responded with a shrug, “I am out number. The bill is defeated and will go no further. Mr Queen will be free to leave.”
“Thank you gentlemen.” Oliver said with a nod standing to shake their hands as they left the room. When the door shut behind them he waited for Lex to speak.
“You’ve won this on,” Lex whispered, “But you and your whore won’t win the next one.”
Pivoting swiftly on his heel, Oliver slammed his fist into Lex’s jaw, forcing the man backwards into the table. “You ever call her that again and I will ruin you,” he seethed before turning on his heel and leaving the room. Taking the steps two at the time he stopped in surprise when he noticed the two girls leaning against his car, arms wrapped around each other, as they waited for him.
Smiling he raised his hand to them as Mia broke free from Chloe, ran across the road, and threw her arms around him. “I’m so glad you’re safe,” she whispered.
Kissing the side of her head he held her close for a minute before stepping back, “I wasn’t planning to leave you until I’d fought every fight I had in me.”
“I’m glad,” Chloe called, drawing their attention to her.
“Should I leave you two alone?” Mia asked.
Chloe laughed, “No.”
“No,” Oliver whispered, taking his arm back and crossing the road to wrap her up in a hug before placing a kiss gently on her lips. “That’s all I need for the moment.”
Pushing him back to Mia Chloe shook her head. “Get in the car. Let’s go home.”
Oliver nodded, “Yeah, home.”

Two months later

“Are you ready for end of year exams?” Ian asked, plopping himself in the seat next to Mia with his breakfast.
“Yes and no,” Mia sighed. Resting her head on his shoulder she sighed, “I’m ready for everything but math. I just hate it so much.”
Wrapping his arm around her he chuckled, “Well I wish I could help but I’m no good at math either.”
“Who needs help in math?” Suki asked, sitting down at the table across from them.
“Both of us,” Ian admitted.
“I’ll help,” the girl offered.
“Thanks,” they both sighed together.
“Guys I know people say couples become each other over time but you two haven’t been together that long. Quit it!” Gabe huffed.
“Sorry,” They both said together again before laughing. Smiling at the group of friends she had made Mia felt so blessed. Only a few months ago she had been all alone. Then Ian had walked into her life and shown her another way. It had transformed her. It made her more than she was and she had never felt more grateful, even if she did have to sit exams.
“You ok?” Ian whispered in her ear as Suki and Gabe were arguing across from them.
“I’ve never been better,” she replied before placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

Oliver stood so Mia couldn’t see him. He didn’t mean too. He had meant to go and get breakfast but when he noticed the girl looking so joyful he couldn’t help but stop and admire. He hadn’t known that she could be this way, act this way, and he was glad he could finally see it. She was content in her relationships, doing well at school, even had a best friend in Suki, and people who were willing to push her to be the best version of herself. It made him happy to see her like that.
Deciding to leave the girl to her friends, knowing she’d stand and come talk to him if she saw him, he turned back out of the cafeteria, and letting his feet lead him to the familiar office that he’s spent so much time in lately.
Knocking lightly he wasn’t surprised when he she called out for him to come in. Smiling he rested in the door frame, “How’s your day gorgeous?”
“No,” Chloe replied with a shake of her head, “I need to get my work done and you have class in forty five minutes. So don’t you gorgeous me mister.”
“Anyone would think you’d want me to take you on your desk,” Oliver jested.
Picking up her stapler she throw it at him, not at all surprised when his hand flew up to catch it, “Very funny. I told you, that wouldn’t be happening here again.”
“But you’ve gotten rid of the cameras.”
“I have but not the student’s ability to want to see me.”
Laughing Oliver stepped in and placed his hands on the desk. Leaning across it he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “How’s your day?”
“It’s fine Mr Queen,” she drawled, “How’s yours?”
“Mia’s really happy.”
Raising an eyebrow at him she replied, “We’ve know that for a while.”
“I know but I’m really happy too,” Oliver said with a nod, “The one thing that would make me happier is if you agreed that we were actually dating.”
“We’ve been dating two months goof.”
Rolling his eyes Oliver replied, “Yes but you still refuse to call me your boyfriend or your partner.”
“I didn’t realise you cared so much.”
“I just want you to know how much I care.”
“Or you just want to get laid, again.”
Oliver shrugged, “Sure that would be a bonus. You said you only have sex with people you’re in a relationship with.”
“I know what I said.”
“So, sidekick, what do you say? Be my girlfriend?”
“Are you going to hand me a note next that says tick yes or no, do you like me?” Chloe sassed at him.
Laughing Oliver shrugged, “Never let it be said that I won’t woo you.”
Rolling her eyes Chloe stood and rounded the desk, “Well I guess I’ll just have to live with that… boyfriend.”
“Yes,” Oliver sighed, “I win.”
“I think we both win,” Chloe whispered placing a kiss to his lips, “But I’m still not having sex with you in my office. Go to class.”
Laughing he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up into a hug. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so complete but he loved the feeling. As far as he was concerned he’d be happy if they got to spend the rest of their lives there, being themselves, and running the school. There was nothing that would stop that, as long as they were together.

The end.

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Well that was a fun mix! Took me a minute to sort out the new history of the characters (like Chloe not knowing Oliver, Tower Prep not existing, what was Prometheus and where in the chronology Xavier's school was ) but it all fell into place.

(I did go and wiki Prometheus and personally I'm not sure what the big deal was. The dude killed millions! I know, heroes don't kill. It's probably my exposure to the new Arrow TV show showing. That guy started as "The Hood" and freely was offing bad guys until someone suggested he think of another way. )

Chloe in charge of the school and the X-men was a great fit. She has all the skills to take on the tasks. It amused me for her to be looking at the Justice League and shaking her head over their petty squabbles. I'm not sure she got Bruce's infatuation for Dinah right though, lol. ;) He's probably just annoyed on principle alone that Canary is still hung up on her ex. :D

It was great to have Ian and later Suki and Gabe (I missed Gabe and his sock monkey) in such a great place. They lucked out in this universe to avoid Tower Prep. Part of me had wondered at first if the X-Men had liberated the kids before I realized it was a alternative universe. Like I said, they lucked out to have Chloe watching over them.

Lex Luthor is now a self righteous prude. Small minded, evil little man. And politicians, read your laws! That was an unexpected and interesting twist, to use brains rather than brawn to defeat the problem. Nice.

Mia was a lovely addition to the cast and a great way of connecting all the characters. She and Ian have a sweet relationship. So do Oliver and Chloe. I enjoyed that it was partly because of Chloe's influence that Oliver found his true and best self, not because of her or for her, but because something of her philosophy allowed him to change how he viewed himself and then gave him a chance to explore and seek what he needed to be the kind of person that could be in a relationship.

Thanks for sharing your story!

What a great fic :)
I never saw X-Men but I loved this crossover
Oliver, Chloe and Mia deserve to be happy and I'm glad with the happy ending for them all

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